“Your decisions count. Your decisions can change the course of your life.“

–Olympia LePoint, from the 2021 “Quantum Deciding” Virtual TED-like Talk at California State University Northridge Alumni Talks

What important decision is waiting for you?

We each have a decision that waits for us. And sometimes these decisions can help us pivot and move forward in a powerful way. Important decisions can change the course of your life. They navigate you to your best future. At times, you may feel like you know what to do.  Other times, you experience fear. More often than not, you are looking for the right direction for yourself. In all these moments, your decisions point you to your best future.  And, meeting people in your decision-making process can set your life on a new path toward success.

Recently, I was explaining the contents of my new book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want on the “We Need to Talk” podcast hosted by Malynda Hale. She asked about the one decision that led me into science journalism. One moment in time launched forward in my memory. My life has significantly shifted with my many decisions; and my 2014 decision to meet Arianna Huffington changed my future.

One of the best ways to reveal the power of your decision-making is by sharing my personal story and how I became a science journalist after meeting Arianna Huffington.   Within this article, you will know the three lessons that were learned in becoming a contributing writer and journalist. These lessons will inspire you to make great decisions in your journey as well.

A Fraction of My Story

Olympia LePoint, a science news expert guest on network news channels.

Becoming a journalist, and a journalist of color  – talking about science on major news channels – is no small feat.  You have to prove yourself, verify your facts, deal with a lack of diversity and its criticizers, and build your credibility, all while delivering powerful news stories to gain watchers.  There is a science to explaining complex stories in clear ways.

If I consider my early childhood background, some people never expected me to enter journalism, or gain success as a rocket scientist.

In my youth, I grew up in severe poverty in South Los Angeles, and often we had no food to eat at home. The food stamps were not enough to feed five people. At times, I went to school for a hot meal. At 9 years old, I witnessed gang violence and deaths on our street corner, while avoiding the drug addicted predators outside of the crack house that was next-door. While living through these horrific inner-city experiences through age 15, I listened to my mom in receiving and education. I vowed to always stay in school and educate myself, no matter how hard I’d have to work for success. My journey was rough. I failed many math classes due to emotional trauma, and I had to take many classes over.  I prayed for opportunities to change my future. Despite the failing grades, I realized that science was my ticket to success.

Olympia LePoint stands near The Space Shuttle at the California Science Center where her seat in the ROSC Mission Control Room is an exhibit.

Through God’s miracles in my decision-making, I graduated with advanced mathematics degrees from California State University Northridge and became an award-winning rocket scientist, helping launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle Missions into space. My official job title was a “propulsion scientist,” which is commonly referred to as a rocket scientist. With mathematics and understanding all branches of science, I calculated the probability of catastrophic explosions within launches. With a “Hidden-Figures-movie-like” setting, I helped protect astronauts’ lives during space launches with a great team of engineers. To add, we helped launch the satellite technology that we use today in video conferencing.  We also helped design the engines that land on the planet Mars today.  After leaving the world of rocket science, the path into journalism was not the typical roadmap after supporting NASA.  In fact, I wrote a self-help math book and was a part-time math professor at first. Though, through a meeting with Arianna Huffington, my career pivoted into a new direction.

Lesson #1: Sometimes, Wait.

Olympia LePoint on a PBS TV show “ Between the Lines ” with host Barry Kibrick.

I can remember the day when I met Arianna Huffington. It was July 2014. And my Spirit told me to wait.  I had just written my first book Mathaphobia, and I was invited to appear on Barry Kibrick’s TV show “Between the Lines” on PBS.  When I finished my amazing interview with the host, the next author was flying in from New York to be on the show two hours later. I asked the host who the author would be. The host said, “Arianna Huffington.”

My heart stopped for a second.

I was blown away with the opportunity to possibly meet her. I was a HUGE fan of her work. I admired her business mind and her strategies for business success. I admired how she stayed feminine in a male-dominated field. I valued how she studied new thinking and ancient philosophers. In fact, I considered waiting for two hours just to meet and take a photo with her.  Part of me was excited, and the other part of me was scared.  I did not want her to think I was a ‘crazed stalker’ who was going to wait two hours to see her, because I had never met her before!  Against all logical reasoning, I followed my Spirit’s guidance to wait.

In that moment, my decision was generating a new future.

I did something unheard of: I decided to wait for two hours until Ariana Huffington’s flight arrived from New York. A simple photo was my intent. It was a simple wish put into action. Supporting me, my TEDx producer Eric Espinosa kindly waited with me. Then, the host, Barry Kibrick chose to wait with me too. I had double support. Their kindness was heart-warming. While waiting, we took the photo above. We forgot that the production staff had already placed Arianna’s Thrive book in the background. If you look closely at the background, you can see Arianna Huffington’s book.

Here is the teachable moment: When you choose to wait for something that is in your life purpose, the Creator of the universe surprises you with the desires of your heart.  Though, you must listen to your Spirit in taking your best action. Then, what comes to you after the waiting period is better than what you originally expected. To add, you will also discover kind support from others as you make new decisions with your courageous actions.

Fast forward two hours.  Arianna Huffington entered. And immediately the host introduced she and I. Barry explained that I was a rocket scientist, TED lecturer and author. He shared details about her to me.  Then, I asked Arianna for a photo. Arianna must have been surprised to learn of my rocket science background. To my surprise, she said yes to the photo, and she asked me to write as a blogger on the Huffington Post at that moment.  Without question, I decided, “Yes.” And that ‘ yes’ changed the course of my future.

Lesson #2: Support Women and Thrive

Olympia LePoint speaks to 6,000 attendees at a 2019 Global Technology Forum.

When we acknowledge the brilliant contributions that women make in this world, we can find answers for everyone. Women thrive in business when they are supported. Men thrive when they are supported as well. Remember this fact: As women are supported, they provide a path for amazing corporate growth.

Throughout my time writing, I was supported by great staffs. I learned the details of journalism. I learned to make information solid and credible.  I learned the difference between facts and fake news. Plus, I mastered the ability to generate newsworthy headlines, while ensuring the reader understood the complex science.   I learned to touch people’s hearts and minds across the globe with science and a new way of thinking. Arianna developed her Thrive Global media platform to promote a balanced corporate life and a thriving life. Inspired by seeing her success, I started my Answers Unleashed educational media platform to help people use science and faith to find the answers in front of them. Our content now provides information across the world.

During the 2020 pandemic, Arianna Huffington invited me to write for Thrive Global as a contributing science journalist.  Again, I said yes.  I was honored to support a great mission, a great team, and a great leader.  In making that decision, I was proud to be on Arianna Huffington’s platform, as it promotes mental health, diversity and inclusion in the news and the media.

Lesson #3: There’s A Science to Making New Decisions

Image of Olympia LePoint’s third book, Answers Unleashed II, with its new decision-making science theory.

In life, nothing great comes without YOU having the courage to make new decisions. In my case, I chose the courage to wait for Arianna Huffington’s arrival. The act of making a new decision separates the people who gain success from the people who only wish for a great outcome.  For example, you could wish to win the lottery, but no fortune comes if sit on your sofa without buying a ticket. The people who are willing to make new decisions are the people who find fortune in their lives.

Decisions change your life. And your decisions count. In my latest book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, I explain that there is a secret decision-making science. You have six main categories of decision-making that helps you create your desired future.  I develop a new decision-making science theory called ‘Quantum Deciding’, which says that your decisions connect the Past-You and the Future-You together for your ultimate success. You make decisions according to your (1) Faith, (2) Identity, (3) Intent, (4) Learning, (5) Your Resources, and (6) Self-Love in Time.  When you are consciously aware of your choices, you attract life-changing opportunities.  Like a tornado that pulls items into its path, you pull opportunities into your path with new decision.  My theory includes a new math that reveals that your new decisions have a rotational energy that pulls you together with the future that you want. I explain this concept in my “Quantum Deciding”  TED-like talk at California State University Northridge (CSUN) in a distinguished CSUN alumni educational lecture that can be seen by anyone online.

Today, I take Arianna Huffington’s recommendation: I will share with you the contents from my latest book in my upcoming Thrive Global articles, so you are empowered to know the decisions that will change the course of your life. 


You never know what the future holds. And you will never know who you will meet. In my case, I had no clue that I would meet Arianna Huffington that day. The decision to meet would inspire my career path as a journalist. Life throws you opportunities based on your decisions. Be willing to make new decisions. In making those decisions, you will learn your road to success.

Until next time, find me on social media. Thank you for making the decision to read this article.


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