Omer Nadeem Brand Expert

Whenever we talk about branding, What comes first in mind? logos, flyers, brochures, Business cards right! But that is not the case, Branding is something that leaves a massive impact in the consumer mind.

It’s all about recognizability, strength and value that gives to the customer. Let’s take an example of “Nike”, They have placed their brand among athletes, sportsmanship and premium appeal.

When someone starts a new business, It might be easier but when you bring that into the brand. It’s a very challenging task and for this, you might need to take help of the best brand design agency. Because if by any mistake you placed your brand incorrectly in customer mind then it would become a nightmare in the long term.

Here, I am defining best branding tips which not only bring value to your company but giving you a sign to beat your competitor in this competitive world.

Define Your Business Well:

How do you define your business without saying anything about it? The answer is, Your branding! Don’t just go for good logo design rather find a real meaning why, where and to whom you are going to target and what your customer loves most.

I saw many people come up with a good appealing logo but they are not able to deliver the meaning of it and that’s where most people made a mistake.

Your business logo should enough strong that convey your strength, customer value and recognizability.

Pick Easy Name For Your Brand:

Don’t complicate things in business, People need a fast solution, short words and quick deliverables. Always find a business name that is easy to memorize and recall. (This will help your customers to market your brand and company to others easily)

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Your Brand Should Tell Your Story:

I mean here about the slogan of your business, write up 4 to 5 different slogans and read it again and again. If you find it easy to recall and meaningful then consider it for your new company. Make sure your slogan should not be lengthy or more than 4 words.

Be Creative:

Branding is a mixture of creativity and marketing tactics. When you are in the stage of naming your logo and business name. Don’t forget about your audience and their demographic. Be always creative to solve your customer issues.

Keep Improving:

You need to be versitile and adopt dynamic business approach. Brands alive when they bring improvement, variations and diversity in their values. Always adopt change because your customers will not stop on one product. They need variations and changes just like we need changes in our life.

About Omer Nadeem:

He is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Artimization. He has served 1000+ small companies in reshaping, improving and elevating their online presence through digital branding. Omer looks after corporate branding, creative logo design and web development and currently serving as Creative director at his own founded firm along with Haris Siddique