One of the most intriguing men dedicated to hospitality and the environment, Luca del Bono speaks to Thrive Global about his new project, ONDA (, his mission to protect our oceans, and the importance of preserving nature to provide a healthy life for generations to come.

Carolina Rodríguez Hernández: What does ONDA mean for you?

Luca del Bono: ONDA, being wave in Italian, tells the story that every wave is individual, every wave has its story, yet all waves on our planet are connected through the ocean, much like our community.

CRH: When did you first feel attracted to in establishing ONDA? 

LDB: The purpose and intention that lie at the foundations of ONDA have been with me ever since I was a teenager, when asking god to provide me the reason of what I should pursue in life, revealed over time, to be the mission I feel will fulfil this purpose.

CRH: You have a healthy business relationship with Ben Goldsmith? How is he as a person, not as an environmental leader?

LDB: I’ve had a business relationship with Ben Goldsmith for almost 20 years yet he has, first and foremost, been a friend and his integrity, generous heart and sensibility to basic values, have always struck me as extraordinary. He is an exceptional person  I greatly value our friendship.

CRH: Which is your favorite destination to disconnect from work?

LDB: Being out at sea.

CRH: How would you like to be remembered?

LDB: As a giver rather than a taker, and hopefully, with time, having had a positive impact on our environment, however large or small, which has been meaningful to others and the generations to come.

CRH: What does it means for you sustainable wellness and THRIVE GLOBAL in the 21st Century?

LDB: It is about love and care for our surroundings, and what Mother Nature has given us and how we can embrace our lives to protect that.

CRH: Which are your hobbies?

LDB: ONDiamo all the way… 

CRH: What is your message to entrepreneurs who struggle to launch their ideas?

LDB: You have to believe in your project fully, and if the product is viable, never let go.

CRH: What advice can you share with the world on the importance of empowering others to reach one’s full potential? How do you empower others in your daily life?

LDB: Allow people to take responsibility and be able to see the results that can be achieved which gives one great satisfaction. If one wins your trust then let them take the reigns. Let’s then pursue the win together.

CRH: Please tell us more about Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund and the importance of biodiversity in the 21st Century.

LDB: The dream was to be able to return to my home islands where I grew up and the place which, I hope one day, will be home to the family I will create, where they can enjoy nature the same way I did as a child. Nature, being as incredible as it is, when left in peace, reproduces itself in the most wonderful of ways. However, one has to also be conscious of how scientifically you can hit the point of no return and if you don’t act within that timeline there is no going back. So, for the 21st Century it’s about preserving and nourishing nature for it to flourish fully, without being polluted, that will hopefully provide a healthy life for generations to come. Ultimately, one must respect what is being transmitted to us by our ancestors.

CRH: Which was the book you read as a child, where you first learned about your life motto: Omne Solum Forti Patria Est“The brave find a home in every land”?

LDB: The Green King, the story of a teenage boy escaping from a concentration camp during WWII and finding his potential in the Amazon where the local tribes named him as a Green King.

CRH: Which are ONDA principle and mission?

LDB: ONDA is a values based platform for inspiring individuals to share meaningful experiences while cultivating a positive impact, at unique members clubs and creative workspaces internationally. In other words, we provide a passport to what should prove finding a “home away from home” around the world.

CRH: What is your greatest hope for the future?

LDB: To witness a world that can enjoy a healthier ways of life, greater consciousness and more respect among humankind. Independent from culture, race or gender, I hope people will embrace a more honest approach, allowing for convivial living between societies.

CRH: What is next for you in your business life?

LDB: I have just embarked on the ONDA journey, it’s only the beginning of what promises to offer positive impact within the world of hospitality and the communities that we touch which, combined, should allow us to see gratifying results by following our simple mission. Connect to what’s real and stay real, do all that you do with passion and love.


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