What is your life purpose? And what is beyond your life purpose? What if you have one, but still struggle? Aren’t we meant to find life purpose and then breeze through life with a solid direction and with happiness?

A morning well spent, with a group of Dubai based ICF Coaches, discussing this topic. 

NOW! Those are pretty deep questions and the conversation was emotionally charged and at times very profound.

Here are my key take aways.

Life purpose is a very personal and individual choice, from its definition, to its time frame… to the terms and conditions of when you want to find one… or not. ⠀⠀

At the end of our days, whether we have had a clearly written-on-the-wall life purpose, or we never even thought about it, or it changed through life… we will have had a purpose, written in what has been achieved through our existence. Be it a smile that offered comfort to a passer-by. Or an invention that broke all rules and helped saving the planet. ⠀⠀

Some of us struggle through life, thinking about our life purpose. Some go to hell and back and finally come out with a clear life purpose for them. They discover the missing piece… or the bigger picture they want to serve… or what they were counting too much on for no real reasons. ⠀⠀

And when we have found a life purpose, and we still struggle… maybe it’s time for a new purpose, or to refine the purpose or to ditch it and take a break from all that thinking! ⠀⠀

OR maybe… WHO said that when you find your life purpose, it has to be like living happily ever after? Who said one will feel fulfilled and finally accomplished? One’s life purpose can be a winding road… full of ups and downs… bends and blind spots… full of learnings… good days and bad days. Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not. ⠀⠀

In short… I believe that with freedom and flexibility, this concept of life purpose becomes, to me, more accessible. More achievable. More human, less idealistic, and therefore less scary!

Picture taken in San Francisco, holiday 2016! Not the best view of Lombard Street…. but who said my life purpose was to be a photographer?


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