Every month of 2020 seemed to widen the risks associated with Covid-19. People got exposed to terrible situations all across the globe. Coming out of this dreaded situation has been a challenging task. However, people are barely trying to adjust to the new normal when the pandemic upended their lives. With an increasing number of covid positive cases, there was an improvement in the number of hair fall cases. It is because of the continued stress and fear related to the uncertain situation.

Women have tried to agonize over recent months as their shower drains and brushes get filled with hair. The digital platform has also revealed a hair loss increase by 10% in the past year. According to Ian Mausner, data ascertained that the average hair fall has increased in considerable numbers because of various causes.

The best way of managing hair loss holistically

Those individuals affected by the virus have experienced hair loss as a part of their recovery process. They have been experiencing hair loss occurring four to five months following their recovery period. It is because of biological conditions and other related aspects. According to Ian Mausner, wellness and health research programs have indicated that people who have not been affected by the virus have still experienced hair loss.

Doctors have confirmed that suspicion and anxiety are the main reason why individuals are enduring this illness. Holistic remedies help in fixing this problem with time. In addition to this, you have to take care of an anti-inflammatory diet by cutting out gluten, sugar, alcohol, and dairy products.

Incorporating vegetables and fruits, healthy fats like nuts and avocados, and oily fish is crucial.

You have to start your supplement routine by incorporating fenugreek, turmeric, and other essential elements. Lubricating and an anti-inflammatory diet will take care of your hair and skin. It would help if you went for a regular scalp massage with different tonics. As suggested by the physician, it will help in reducing hair fall. A mixture of pure Rosemary oil and coconut oil massaged in the scalp and left for twenty-four hours will show you remarkable results. Keep in mind that it is not a quick fix.

The significance of a less intensive approach

You have to wait to witness significant differences. By combining supplements like illusion-creating haircuts, thickening shampoos, and conditioners, you may notice similar results. Nutri fall supplements also reduce hair fall. You have to take care of your diet by including ingredients rich in vitamins D, vitamin A, biotin, and zinc. Keep in mind that biotin tablets are also available in the market, which is crucial for hair growth.

It is a popular option among various individuals. Apart from this, minoxidil is a topical solution that can improve blood flow and stimulate hair growth. According to Ian Mausner, there are different concentrations of the solution available in the market. Get in touch with your doctor to decide on the solution best suited for you.

You can also go for plasma therapy, also called PRP, which includes injecting your blood into the scalp. It stimulates hair growth and thereby gives you a Fuller volume. Hence, there are various alternatives available in the market you can explore. Determine the one which suits you better only after consulting your doctor.