On the other side of fear, internal turmoil, self-criticism, and despair lies hope, prosperity, and worthiness… I promise. On the other side of darkness lies light peeking through the walls we perpetually build up to keep the monsters out. Only through faith, love and time have I arrived at my other side and in all honesty, the journey has been slow and rocky. There’s been no quick fixes. No sure fire answers to getting to my other side. I learned along the way that everyone’s journey is different. In a world full of noise and chaos its a beautiful thing to arrive at your own kind of tranquility. The peace you will come to know is for you and you alone. It can’t be defined through someone else or bought and sold by the highest bidder. It doesn’t magically appear inside you. It’s a process that commands from you patience, owning who you are..your authentic self, and an exuberant amount of forbearance.

When you finally arrive to your other side remember the path you crossed. How some roads were smooth; while others were utterly unbearable. Remember how some days it took every ounce of strength you had to go on, but you went on. You stood your ground with courage and resilience. On those days and in those moments when you get to other side…listen. Listen to the tiny voice inside you whispering, “You have arrived!”

-Gabriel Grove