This isn’t what I wanted for you. I never expected it to be like this, no one did.

???? ????? ??? ?? ????????????.

I’ve thought about it for years. You’d stroll into your classroom, hand-in-hand with your best buddies. You’d give your new teacher a big hug and say how excited you were to be there. You’d play tag on the playground at recess, swap snacks at lunch with your friends.

??? ??? ?????.

Today there will be masks and temperature checks. You’ll be asked to keep your distance from your friends. There will be no hugs or holding hands, no sitting together at lunch or playing together at recess.

I’ve experienced so much anger and sadness over the loss of this milestone for you. Today, I expected to cry over my baby becoming a little boy, but it’s heavier than that now.

???? ?? ??? ??? ??’? ???????? ?? ??.

??? ??? ???’? ???? ????.

???? ????? ??? ?? ????????????.

You’ll wear your new Thomas the Train mask that you’re so excited about. I’ll have to drop you at the door, but you’ll be greeted by the sweetest lady who will ask how you’re feeling. She’ll show you to your classroom where your teacher will be waiting for you just outside the door– oh my goodness, is she happy to see you! She’s smiling so big under her mask, you can see it in her eyes!

You’ll wave to your friends from across the room. And look! Your best buddy is sitting just two desks away from you! That’s awesome! I’ll pick you up for lunch and we’ll eat outside at the park, okay? I’ll even trade you my chips for your pretzels if you want! Then back to school for just a couple more hours.

No, I can’t walk you in– but look, there’s that sweet lady again! She’ll show you where to go. I’ll see you soon love, I can’t wait to hear about your best day ever!

And then, when no one else is around, I’ll cry one last time over all the things you’ll never know you missed out on–

on ???? ????? ??? ?? ????????????.