Have you ever felt the desperate urge to ring your bestie from another part of the globe, but withheld yourself  because you belong to different time zones now?

Have you ever wished you could simply disappear for a while to deal with your failures momentarily?

Desperate times, call for desperate measures! We often try out different ways of reaching out or connecting with our loved ones when there are some significant changes in our lives. We need the right person to talk to, to process our high or low emotions. But, what to do when you are unable to access your loved ones?

Staying across different continents, sometimes a few hundred thousands of kilometres away from home, many of us feel lost among the millions of unheard voices. Yet, most of us have our distinct voices, our very own stories curated by the inner selves; stories that have been shaped by our individual worldly experiences. These stories need to be told; these experiences need to be shared! But, with whom and why?

Many of us are luckily blessed with a gift-the gift of storytelling, of expressing and letting go. But, what about those who are not comfortable with the idea of sharing their intense and personal stories with the world? How do they cope up with the powerful emotions-or the adrenaline rush (as many  would like to address it)?

Social media isn’t a solution, and you need to accept the fact that your friends or family members have their own lives too. Amidst the global pandemic scenario, everyone is caught up with their problems. So, even if your loved ones are empathic towards you, they might not always get the chance to support you unconditionally. Eventually, you have to learn to be self-sufficient and to be able to take care of yourself. There will be endless challenges to pull you down every day, but eventually, you will have to learn to stand up on your own and fix your bruises.

If you are going through a difficult phase of your life, remember that it is momentary. Nothing lasts forever, and so your condition is undoubtedly going to improve in the coming days.  But still there are moments when you feel utterly hopeless, think that the world around you is crumbling, and even have suicidal tendencies. Under such circumstances, one call can ultimately make or break you!

Nothing matters more than a call that can make you feel safe and loved! One call that can remind you that you are never alone in this world! You might not have access to connect, but many people are experiencing the same powerful emotions at that very moment; many people are getting triggered or are struggling hard to figure out some options-that might improve their lives!

It doesn’t matter whether you made some poor choices, or taken a few bad decisions in your past! It doesn’t matter how you might have dealt with a similar situation in your past-remember, there is always a room for betterment, and the change starts with you-how you visualize yourself, and act towards achieving the life you have been dreaming of. If you are looking for that one call, that can change your life, click here!