After 10 years in private practice working with challenging relationships, I remember the day when a few words from my supervisor, changed my life. She said to me, “Do you know that no one gets the results you get? Your approach to working with relationships is different from other therapists. You’re doing something very special and powerful with your clients.” 

At first, I thought she was being supportive and trying to boost my confidence, but over time I came to realize that she was right. My efforts in helping clients to feel comfortable with each other and giving them basic tools for communicating was not only effective and helpful, but it differed from how others worked.

Even though I heard what she said, it took me many years to act upon it, write a book, offer training and talks, in what has become my communication model, The Relationship Protocol. 

Yet, if my supervisor never shared her thoughts with me that day, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I was working with my clients, doing what came naturally to me, teaching people how to talk to each other.

That one interaction changed my life forever. Now, I’m helping more people to become more confident communicators and have better relationships at home and in their businesses, all because of that one conversation.