When you live in possibilities, you can break free of how life is supposed to be. 

And you no longer pine for a parade or award to recognize your success.

There’s no pride to stand in and no need to care about being chosen by some force outside yourself.

Because one day, it is you who chooses to walk away from whatever or whoever is holding you back from being who you truly are or why you came here. 

You may not know where you’re headed on your path, but at a certain point you become more courageous and curious to experience life and all it has to offer. 

And this is where you may find yourself right now. 

The rest of your journey is in front of you, mysterious and unknown. The darkest hours can be behind you when you do your work and choose to trek into the unknown. 

And to do so, you jump into the next leg of your journey where you wholeheartedly begin to trust your heart, your intuition, and the deep whispers of the universe. 

When you start listening and becoming fully aware of what’s healthy and what’s toxic for you — when it comes to the people you put in your heart, the beliefs you put in your mind, and the food and products your body consumes — you become a healthy conscious creator of your life.

No one is coming to save us. No one has our answers — and think about it: if they did, would our world look the way it does today? There is a false belief on the planet that our political, financial, legal, health, education, and many other systems are the ones we must adhere to. But in reality, most of those no longer serve the vast majority of us. 

And until we go on our own journey and unlearn and uncondition from what no longer serves us, we stay trapped in a divided world, rather than choosing to spend our life writing healthy stories for ourselves and each other.

Leadership is not outside ourselves, and it’s our time to understand that we don’t need false prophets, leaders, or profits to have a full life. 

It’s time for health-conscious souls to take our place in history and step into our power. Were you not born for these times? 

Can you see yourself stepping out of the manual of how you were taught life should be, to trek into the unknown and follow your heart’s calling?

One day you break free.