One door closes, and another opens.

Sometimes you see it. Sometimes you don’t want to see it.

I call BS.

Opportunities and challenges are always present.

It is YOU that decides what you make them mean.

An example: I have a client I coach that would tell me over and over how dating is hard and there isn’t anyone out there and she doesn’t meet new guys.

This was her story for MONTHS.

I was coaching her on relocating – she was about to make the change she has wanted for some time. And she casually mentioned someone asking for her number as part of a different story.

HOLD UP. Someone asked for your number.

HOLD UP RIGHT THERE. Casually mentioning this MAGIC that NEVER HAPPENS.

She had told me there were no single men.

She said she never met anyone.

She believed it was a fact.

Her brain quickly rubbished any evidence to the contrary. Her brain had been doing this for months. She was not even aware of it.

Our brains are built to filter out information. There are way too many things happening for us to process all the colors, sounds, smells, conversations at once.

This is such a powerful skill.

The problem is, our brain loves to be right. So it will filter out things that don’t tie in to our beliefs.

That means at the end of the day when she remembered her day, her brain ignored meeting this guy.

It was forgotten.

And the next day her brain was focused on finding more evidence that she will never meet anyone.

We went to work. On ALL her dating BS. On ALL her limiting beliefs about herself, men and finding love.

We did the WORK.

The lesson? Be careful what you believe. Question it.

What doors are you closing? What door can you open today?

Have a great day, feel empowered knowing YOU have created every door that has opened in your life.

p.s. Yes, she is happily in a relationship now. What opportunities are you preventing?

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  • Vikki Louise @vikkilouise___

    Anxiety & Procrastination Coach

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    Vikki graduated from London School of Economics and worked for finance and tech companies across London and NYC, before turning her personal development hobby into a successful career. Her style of coaching is tough and successful, it is a no BS approach. It is a blend of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, life coaching tools and tough love that teach people to understand their brain, teach tools on how to rewire their thinking to get results - and empower people to actually use the tools and get it done! Vikki hosts the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done podcast available on iTunes.