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‘Pandemic Fatigue’ it’s an interesting term. It so aptly describes the fatigue that we are all feeling due to the changes in life that have happened because of the pandemic.

The two big changes that have occurred are the requirements to wear and face mask each and every day when away from your home, and not being able to connect and socialize with people that you have previously.

That could be friends or more importantly family. This pandemic has a large number of people crying out for it to STOP! As if it was that simple.

What’s causing the fatigue?

Personally, I love to look at the meaning of words to see how the definition resonates with what’s going on in my world at that time.

The Miriam Webster Dictionary has several definitions for fatigue that seem applicable at the moment.

  1. Weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion or stress;
  2. A state of attitude of indifference or apathy brought on by overexposure (as to a repeated series of similar events or appeals)

We are all stressed by the change from life as we knew it, to this continuously changing world of working from home, having to order take out, not being able to visit with anyone (especially loved ones).

And then there’s the ongoing exposure to the virus itself and the need to have to wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer, every minute of the day.

Don’t focus on the can’t

At times like this when all that we hear in the news is what we aren’t able to do, and how bad this pandemic situation is that focus in on the can’t or the bad sides of daily life.

You hear that right? And that adds to the stress and fatigue even more, especially given this has now been ongoing for nearly twelve months.

Turn the news off. Choose not to read the updates on how many cases there are and the predictions of how much longer this is going on.

Take a walk on the wild side

That is a line from a reasonably famous song, isn’t it? But you get what I mean.

Do something different! Take a walk outside. And no I don’t just mean an ordinary walk.
I mean an engaging walk.

What’s that? Well, it’s a walk where you choose to engage with each and everything you can. As soon as you step outside, let your senses kick in. What do you see, hear and smell?

Take the time to really engage with those things. Then make a choice which way you are going to walk and make the choice to engage with everyone or everything you can as you walk.

The garbage collector is busy collecting trash, say Hi! The street cleaners are busy cleaning the streets, say hi and wish them a great day. Or even better stop and talk to them about how they’re coping during this time.

There are people out there suffering through this situation, just like you. What about if the simple act of connecting with one, two, three or more of them today made there world a little bit brighter and they felt less alone and fatigued?

What if, in the act of engaging with that one, two, three or more people YOU felt less fatigued, isolated, alone and indifferent to the world? Wouldn’t it be worth it?