We’ve been programmed to accept #1 as a glorified landing place, an accomplishment, a trophy to claim…the prize associated with finishing first, but…

…being number ONE has been a rallying cry and goal of many of as well as a conclusion of one of my favorite lyrics, “ONE is the loneliest number…”

Being an individual and not a copy-cat has been one of my lifelong goals. The foundation of this pursuit was natural as my journey as;

  1. I was child of divorced parents, who was enamored with having two mothers and two fathers.
  2. I was an Army brat born in France and spent formative years growing up in Germany.
  3. My shoe size (16/50+) exempted me from the draft.
  4. Travel was not only became part of my wheel-house, it became a thirst and part of my will-house.
  5. I was not permitted to use the word “can’t” which pushed my psyche into doing…thus my Do-Do Tribe was born.
  6. I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans and was teased in the summers, when I visited my mother in DC, by neighborhood kids who taunted my matching clothes and “proper” diction.

All of what made me realize that that I was an individual, also prompted me to seek comradely outside of my obvious peer-group…I became the kid at the table in adult conversations…I loved hearing stories and traveled with the elder story tellers…my size and manner prompted folks to assume me being older than my numbers…

…but this was also a journey tinged with a bit of loneliness. By the time I developed best friend status with someone close to my age, it was time to move making long distance pen-pals part of my soul speak.

So my shards of life evolved into a blend of walk, talk, clothes and thought to be One on the hunt for like minded souls…

Welcome to my Universe and thanks…

Originally published at medium.com