Where in your life do you want to get unstuck? Your job? Your relationships? Your location? Your finances?

Right now, you are here. But… How are you going to get there?

Here’s my no nonsense tip. Get vulnerable.

Brene Brown says in her book Daring Greatly “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

Never weakness.

I couldn’t agree more.

My story

Let me give you a personal example. I am very introverted. I know many people describe themselves in that way, but really, I am an extreme introvert.

Getting on live videos every week that get THOUSANDS of views is not easy for me. But, I do it anyway.

When I actually stop to think about it, I freak out a little bit. BUT, I am having breakthroughs all the time. Simply because I am being vulnerable.

I am willing to mess up and even fail. I am open to criticism and judgment. And, I keep going.

In fact, I just got invited to a weekend workshop in Florida next month. Not too shabby considering it’s going down to 14 degrees tonight here in Pennsylvania. Not only is the company paying me to write for them, but they are sending me for free to a weekend workshop to help me improve my writing and my blogging skills.

Here is the craziest part about this. I am NOT a writer. I mean, I am. Now. But, I didn’t go to school for writing. I wasn’t an English major. I didn’t study journalism. I went to college to become an accountant.

And, I became a successful accountant, but I absolutely hated it.

When I finally took a risk and got vulnerable, that is when I started getting unstuck.

Own it and get unstuck

Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever your “there” is, own that shit.

What I am telling you is that it’s time to stop hiding behind whatever it is that you are hiding behind and OWN your there.

So, what are you going to start doing NOW to get from here to there? How do you envision yourself? What is one step you can start doing now?

And, most importantly, don’t fit into that mold. Detach yourself from the results.

You do you regardless of the outcome.

You have a story, an experience, to share that can help others. Our vulnerability, our willingness to be authentic, can help you and others so, so much. It will get you unstuck. And it will get you from here to there. ❤

PS — Have you taken the Brave & Bold Challenge yet? Now is your chance to get vulnerable and get unstuck. Your life is waiting.

Bridgette is Founder and CEO of Mommy Needs a Timeout. She empowers moms to reconnect with their identities OUTSIDE of being a mom, without the guilt.

Originally published at www.bridgettepetrino.com on December 15, 2016.

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