Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux had already established her career as a successful Denver area dentist when starting her family led her to also starting a second business. After giving birth to her fourth child in five years, Kelly found herself inhabiting a body suffering from Diastasis Recti, or separated abdomen. Kelly developed a method to repair her own body, and soon realized there was a market for other moms looking to develop, as her business is named, Abs After Babies.  From there, she also founded Babe Factor Supplements, works as a nutritionist and personal trainer, and of course, remains a dentist and mother of four. 

The Climb

With her dental practice already established, Dr. Kelly had a foundation of techniques that she knew led to growth and success. She knew, however, that launching these other ventures would require additional methods. “I use visualization,” she begins, outlining her process for creating a new business idea. “I think it. I see it. I feel it. This helps me believe my goals are possible.” Dr. Kelly learned that her goals were not only possible, but that they would thrive. In addition to being named a top Colorado dentist for three consecutive years, Abs After Babies earned six-figures in its first year of existence. But Dr. Kelly was not content to stop there. “I listen to inspiring Youtube videos, podcasts, or books when I need an extra push to keep hustling,” she adds. 

Managing Stress

Navigating a daily life that includes numerous avenues that can dominate all of her time individually, Dr. Kelly quickly learned that she would need ways to maintain perspective and preserve her sanity. “I make sure to exercise and meditate every day,” she begins. “It helps give me mental clarity and reduce stress.” Dr. Kelly adds that she also sets aside time to spend in nature, and that when all else fails, she evaluates the situation to determine whether it is worth her stress. “I repeat ‘this too shall pass’ and then ask myself if this stressor will be relevant in five years,” she explains. “If not, I don’t let it get to me.”

Staying Motivated

After building multiple successful businesses that combine both her professional skills and personal passions, it would be easy for many people to simply stop and relax. Dr. Kelly, however, is not satisfied. “My wins motivate me to set new goals,” she explains. “I surround myself with people more successful than me.” For those looking to forge a path similar to Dr. Kelly, or any aspiring entrepreneur, she offers advice that she learned from experience: “Don’t let your self doubts hold you back from reaching your full potential,” she says. “Instead, recognize that those self doubts are a sign that you are on the right path to living an extraordinary life. Step into the fire.”


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