My mother belongs to 12 siblings of a big family and has been lucky enough to have me, her daughter, that she could name Solveig as per her long lasting wish since she was very young.

The main lesson she taught me in my life is to take care of my physical body as a woman, as for her the good body condition shows respect you have for yourself. By that she meant: physical and sportive health, , healthy eating, healthy thinking and healthy life style.

As an inheritance of this education, since I am very young, I have been used to always take care of my physical body, with lots of sport, lots of vegetables and fruits in my daily meals and more over lots of self-loving care, self-esteem and self-nourishing and self-respect for myself.

She taught me to not only take care of my body shape, also about my skin, my nails, my toes, how to nourishing my body with creams, how to get dressed nicely, how to put some make-up on my face (never too much…), how to treat my body the way it deserved it.

As a result and being a 54 years old today, I feel I have a lot of self-confidence, self-loving care, self-esteem for myself as a woman. I can show the respect I deserve as a woman because I walk the talk and show myself the example to others.

For me my body is the only home where I will have to live my whole life and it deserves attention, intention and focus.

I took this education to a next level since my son is very young and I taught him the same speech with an update that his body is the car that will drive him everywhere. At that time he loved the movie “CARS”, so I invented for him this motto: CARS for Concentration, Attention, Results, Satisfaction, to ensure he could focus where he needed to. I taught him to make sure that his body becomes the “CARS” he wants to drive to the end of the world!

I taught him to make sure that his body stands straight with an “I” physical attitude of the body: head up, back straight, shoulders up, “I” for a winning attitude, “I” for I can make it.

Being now a mother of a teenager, showing and sharing this education with my son, he is more convinced by seeing rather than by listening. It’s even more rewarding for me as a mother to notice the changes in his body condition, as he now receives from others the respect he deserves.