Everyone tells you “let go and trust;” however, it is more than just letting go and trusting. When you examine the STORY you tell yourself daily, you begin to notice certain patterns. Digging deeper, you see how what we hold on to shapes our lives. What we hold on to are not just people, places, and things; they are our beliefs, thoughts, and values. You may even be surprised that we hold on to our emotions and let’s not forget our unhealthy habits.

Letting Go Is A Necessity For Your Growth

We are responsible for our failure to thrive because we hold on so desperately to our fear of the unknown, our fear of something potentially different and out of our comfort zone. Have you ever stopped to think about this comfort zone that you are holding on to so desperately? What is so comforting about it?

There are always some beliefs, emotions, feelings, and thoughts surrounding the idea of letting go. Many people hold on even in the face of overwhelming evidence that something is no longer functional, that the relationship is over, and that time has come for them to say goodbye.

Sadly, many hold on to people because they think that they can change the person. You cannot change anyone, who does not want to be changed by you. It is also important to accept that letting go is a part of life and allows for your growth. Some things or people are only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time. If you never let go, you will never know what could have happened. What bigger and better things may have entered your life. What exciting experiences were in store for you.

Acceptance Does Not Mean No Pain

Acceptance can be difficult when it comes to the loss of a loved one. Let’s be frank, acceptance may even be difficult when it comes to something you really wanted and did not get. Yet, you can cope better and adapt with a healthier attitude when you:

  1. Remember that there is a season for everything in life.
  2. Know “WHY” you believe, feel, or think this person, place, or thing must be a part of your life.
  3. Examine if this person, place, or thing has been a source of compassion, acceptance, respect, and empathy.
  4. Untangle your worth from this person, place, or thing.

Make a goodbye list and thank everything on it for being a part of your life and then burn it or shred it.

If You Never Let Go, You Will Never Know

I was a practicing physician at the peak of my career and many people thought I was crazy for retiring early. However, there was something telling me that I had not reached my full potential and there was another path I needed to take. I am still trying to sort out the details, but I will say that this new stage in my journey has me feeling more invigorated and alive.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of a person living up to their full potential. I want to see you take the gifts and talents your were blessed with and use them to bring maximum joy, peace, and contentment not only to your life, but also to the lives of others. That is living life at its fullest, maximizing your potential. While it may involve having money, it does not necessarily mean being super rich. It is a state where you wake up each morning enthused and eager to see what the day brings. More important, you face each day with gratitude and love.