Republicans versus Democrats is today’s fare. ‘Who are you for’ is the greatest question of today. You have a choice. You may choose Republicans based on your belief, since they are the better of the two parties.

Republicans did not win this election on their own. The parties are too equal. They, the Republicans, needed Democrats and Independents to side with them. They needed to compromise and side with the Democrats. If the Republicans can’t compromise with the others, there will continue to be a stalemate and no improvements will happen.

Over the last several years there has been no progress because the Republicans would not give an inch. In ‘fact’ no matter what, they would not compromise, even if they designed the resolution. And now the Democrats are doing the same thing.

Consider this: Congress is in session. There is a vote. Someone has an idea to help poor people after a catastrophe. The Republicans want to help the store owners so they may distribute (maybe discounted) goods that would help those people in need. And the Democrats want to give money to the poor to allow them to get aid they need. This would give the store owners profits also.

If you give money to the needy they will give money to the store owners. What is the difference for the store owners, nothing, they get the money either way. But, for the needy people, they benefit also.

Maybe it is “trickle-up” economics or maybe it is common sense. The rich people find a way to make the money. They don’t need government assistance. Though, it does give them many benefits.

The Republicans are the store owners and the Democrats are the poor or actually those that care about the poor. The Independents could go either way.

We need to come together or in this case, lean toward helping everyone. We can’t get anything done in a stalemate. Let us go out and vote, not for ourselves alone, but, to vote for everyone.

The economic cliff is where we are standing and looking over is a little scary. The Republicans were actually allowed to decrease the taxes on the top one or two percent. They lowered the taxes on the wealthiest.

Thinking about the current downturn in the economy, it is all about themselves. Of course it is human instinct to think about themselves first. Cogito ergo sum means: I think, therefore I am. But, it also seems that the country is divided, together.

Half of the country is Republican and half the country is Democratic. The president is not trying to find middle ground. He is trying to divide us. He is getting old and wants to go down in the history books. He wants the 2% or as some refer to them as ‘the Royalty’ to take over the world. Starting first to divide the country then to get rid of one race not wanted. It is funny, one Republican said we don’t want to get rid of them, we need someone to do the gardening. We saw this same plan about 80 years ago. (This may sound impossible, but, you never know. History could repeat itself.)

On the other hand…Consider one big happy family wants to take a summer trip to the beach. They all want to relax and play on the beach together. But, annually they rent a house for the week. The mother and father, parents, want to bring all of their children and grandchildren together so all can have fun together. The parents are middle income, both work, and still have some debts from college payments for their offspring, in one way or another, namely the second or third mortgage on their house for those that chose to finish their ultimate education.

Like all families some finish college and some choose another path. That being said, not all of the children. etc. are in the same income level. Some are upper class and some are not that fortunate. The parents, middle class can’t afford the rental of the summer house by themselves, of course everyone should contribute their share to make it possible.

Now comes the million dollar question: divide the rent equally for each sibling? The lower status siblings can’t afford too much and the upper income class can afford a lot more than the others. Yet, they shouldn’t have to carry all the weight for all. Perhaps the ‘better off’ should, out of kindness of their own hearts, volunteer to pay additionally more.

Republicans appear to be richer or at least siding with ones that can afford the costs. They tend to side with a group, #teaparty, they want all America to be their religion, white and independent of the rest of the country.

Of course they don’t want to support those that all have an equal chance to profit and succeed, but, just can’t. It is the lower classes’ own fault; they had the same opportunities.

The democrats, which some deem socialists, only want to help those less fortunate. There are rich democrats but they are not heart set on stepping on the less fortunate, they want to contribute to the poor and still maintain their status quo.

Some siblings have the money to contribute to the higher rent, they should, if they want one big happy family without making those less fortunate feel bad; they can go back to their mansions and let those less fortunate go back to their way of life, maybe humble, which they chose.

The country needs to take a hard look at who can afford the higher rent and how much less fortunate, though their own making, should contribute. There is no sense in a billionaire owning twenty yaughts just because his friend owns nineteen. 


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