Luke David Anderson, the 31-year old is a business builder and entrepreneur mentor. Founder and being personally involved in over 40 businesses by the age of 30. From working at a retail store and doing DJing at local house parties to a multi-millionaire successful entrepreneur and has able to launch over 40 different businesses across varying industries. Luke currently traveling to different places and is inspiring and guiding by sharing his experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative teams working in different industries and helping them to solve all types of problems, big and small, micro and macro. His story is an inspiration to many of the young entrepreneurs, he achieved success but have faced brutal failures as well, He has been close to bankruptcy several times but he never gave up and didn’t stop believing in himself.

As entrepreneurs, we all follow our own path. For some, the rise to financial success is a long, slow, painful process. For others, things just seem to magically fall into place. I believe that the latter isn’t a result of magic, however, but is the sure sign of an entrepreneur who understands the importance of learning from, adapting to and growing with their business. Focus on creating a single item on a small scale, create all the associated moving parts, then combine them and master the process. Have a game plan, be open to objections, anticipate set-backs and research your competition.  Get a business coach, especially if it is your first business – a good business mentor will help you save time and money.

Luke showed his Entrepreneurship ability from his childhood when at the age of 16 he started his first successful business, he launched LA Entertainment and was rocking weddings and local events under the DJ name “LA Walker”. He further grew his business by involving all the best local DJ’s and organized many music events in the area. As all his shows used to be conducted in the evening time, he started utilizing his day time by working at construction sites, as he was well aware of the growth and money opportunity in building and construction. So along with keeping LA Entertainment growing by night, he started investing his time in different start-ups and businesses including a building company, a popular local hairdressing salon, surf, and clothing store and a few more. But he got his big break when one of the night clubs where he used to Dj at went out for sale, and he took that opportunity and purchased that along with his few friends.

Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Maintain an even keel.

If you’re going to stay with your entrepreneurial vision for the long haul, there naturally will be days when you feel like you’re on top of the world. Those can be a blessing, but also a curse.

“Don’t let the successful days or months make you overconfident. “Conversely, don’t let the bad days or months make you pessimistic. Keep focused on your long-term goals and not the short-term fluctuations.”

The customer is not always right

From day one, we’re told that “the customer is always right.” We’re expected to bend over backwards to please every single customer, even when they’re clearly and painfully wrong. This maxim, however, can do a serious disservice to ourselves, our employees and our customers. Give your customers the benefit of the doubt, but not at the expense of your (or your employees’) dignity.

Time is money

Money, customers, ideas: all resources you can potentially gain more of. Time, however, is the one commodity you’ll always have a finite amount of. One way to ensure you make the most of your time is to assign an hourly dollar amount to your tasks.

Luke travels around the world and shares his experience and passion with others. He invests in business and more importantly people across the globe. Luke has faced failure but has always stuck to his goals and search for solutions. And he believes in working for himself rather than working for someone else.