Have you ever come across a song, whose language you did not know? And yet, the song ? touches you to the very quality of your core. For some reason, it pulls you into a greater level of your purpose (and Being). You understand that the very reason for your purpose on Earth is because of, love. Everything you do is for the name of love. Forget about labor and the intensity in having to move through life with a pile of rocks. Love has a way of making things more gentle. Trust and believe. Love makes the journey that more gentle. Even should you hear a song, with an unfamiliar language, one

Love comes in different languages. It comes through different nations. Furthermore, it brings a special delight to those in search of, love! Sometimes, it’s not always the very act, itself. Sometimes, people simply want to experience the blessings of a joyful love. Afterall, it just feels, so right! Love has a way of moving one into a higher ascension. Even if one is not within a particular romance, it’s the very sensory, which makes a person feel, so good. Truly. You see it in art. You read it in literature. Then, of course, you hear it in music. Love is a Divine awakening, which accompanies those, who wish to see it. Love moves through different mountains.

Should you wish to hear a song in a tongue not of your own, love has a way of touching one’s very Spirit. It just feels good. One cannot deny the feeling; regardless of its tongue of derivation. There is a unique sensitivity, and a healing elixir to the Soul.

Rounding out to Greek gardens, and a legendary voice gives us a taste of love’s musical honey. Don’t worry about understanding the lyrics for now. On the contrary, it’s the smooth decor of elegance, which moves one into a narrative of love. So, how does it feel? It feels liberating, doesn’t? How does it feel to have such an awakening lift you up, into a grander dimension? For her voice melts away the problems of the day, like butter. Softly and elegantly, the healing removes away any remaining pain, which is yet to be healed. Slowly and gracefully, the pain is blown away. Just remember that it takes the right timber, and the right tone, for moving into that level of healing and intimacy. When you have experienced pain for so long, that softening whisper feels, so very good!

Enough talk for now. Hearing is the initial anecdote. Let’s move into a more surreal mystery, as it correlates into the mystery of healing. Immerse your mind into its nectar, and bring love into the wellness of it all!

Danai Stratigopoulou