“If your not happy then nobody around you will be happy” — I may have forgotten who once said this, where it came from or even when from, but still to this day, tomorrow and forever it will always ring true and speak to my mind and soul.

Freedom Paper Art by Margaret Scrinkl | https://www.behance.net/scrinkl

Over the past few years, I have been making some changes in my life that step by step has had a massive impact and changed my life for the better, improving my health, mind, and focus.

Like most, I have a story, a past and a future and over time that story will be told but for now, I would like to explain the missing piece of the puzzle, the piece I never realized I was missing till I stumbled across it.

The piece? What is it? — Freedom.

So, what is freedom?

Freedom can mean an abundance of things but as a whole being free to be happy, be you and live your life on your terms without financial stress or worries is the ultimate kind of freedom.

This month I made that step, the step to be free.

For years, I along with many others have been trapped in a routine, a diet and a lifestyle that becomes the norm and you truly believe you’re happy. Most of the time and I think you would agree this is just simply not true.

Every morning for a long time now, I’ve been getting up in the morning at 4.30 am, this has hugely improved my life and made my day ten times more productive, but asides from that it has given me time to think, alone in my own mind.

I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t being me.

The steps I made before, I still practice today and don’t get me wrong there were and are great steps to improve my life, but there was something missing, one step, one step to happiness and I was blind to it all along.

Diet and freedom.

Diet, I’ll explain in future blogs, it’s actually become my passion, but this isn’t about my passion, this is about my freedom and how you can become free as well.

I was trapped in a social world that was making me depressed, a work routine that was making me a robot, a mindset that was destroying my passion and a diet that was killing my brain.

I’d be lying if I told you the exact reason I made the next jump, why and even how really but I did. I made the jump to be free and free is how I feel.

Before you can even consider being free you have to be prepared mentally and even physically that money, finance, and previously ‘nice’ things will have to go, if you are waiting till you are financially stable you will never be ready.

The Jump.

You just have to make the jump, make a mediocre plan on how you will survive, embrace that plan and go for it. I can eat, sleep and be warm, my other happiness costs nothing and comes from within.

I made the decision to change my life and that is what I did. I left my career, left my old dreams and followed my passion, I still get up at 4.30 am and give my day 110% till late evening but what I do, what you do in those hours is what matters.

What to do?

Do what you love from morning till night, 7 days a week, dream about it, love it and feel alive.

But you already know that this isn’t a blog on motivation or even on how to live your life, this is a blog on how to be free.

In order to want to become free, at first you must be trapped. I was.

The day came where I changed everything, the biggest positive action I had on my life to this day was changing my social environment, by that yes I mean social media, my phone and any other device that had my negative life on it.

So, cleared my accounts, made new ones and re-set everything back up, from scratch, new friends, new followers and a new following all based on my passions and lifestyle and all positive, negativity is not allowed.

It’s so very true that if you are around negative people you will become negative and if you are around positive people you will become positive. For a long time now I have been living for this rule, but not in the one place that matters the one place overall I spend most my time and that is on my phone and I think in 2020 if you said any different you would be lying.

It sounds so trivial and so basic but trust me it makes a massive difference, now I wake up alive, ready and excited for the day, plan my day on my terms, live on the absolute minimum, have no need for material stuff and go to sleep itching to start the following day. That is because the following day I will be doing the same as the day before and that thing is creating, following and living my dreams, living in my very passion.

Only seeing positivity all around me, on social media and in real life, smiling with my family, speaking about only positive things to my children, feeling alive, feeling FREE.

That is the key, that is life and that, that right there is complete happiness.


Yes, I will stress again, yes I will worry and yes to tell you the truth I will probably argue with someone but overall I will be happy, everyone around me will be happy, my life will be positive and the stressing and strains of living the past will fade away.

All of this, all of the above has brought me here, today one, the beginning and my first post on my new account, an account simply named Anthony Moss, because that is me and this is me and this is my truth. This is something I enjoy, my hobby, my peace and I am so happy that you can be here with me.

This post doesn’t explain a lot but there will be so many more to come, how I’m here, why I’m here and what I am doing today and of coarse my passions, dreams and goals.

All I wanted this post to achieve was to help you make the step, the first or final step to complete happiness, whichever step for you this maybe doesn’t matter all that matters is that you make at least one step and keeping on making steps till your there.

Complete happiness, complete freedom and complete peace within.

Make that step, make it today, start now and please if that step is going to be anything, clear the negativity, all of it, don’t leave anything behind and please don’t take anything with you, do not worry about money, your job or anything really just worry about you and making yourself happy because then and only then will everyone around you be happy.

Don’t get me wrong at all, you need money to live and eat but when you organize your life to what you really need to live, you don’t need much at all, I have no financially saving or back up whatsoever, I have children, a house and a wife, we survive, we are happy, alive and free.

All of the above is far from easy and takes a lot of work, but when you are living your passion, nothing really bothers you, nothing else really matters and what you are doing from morning till night doesn’t seem like work at all, that’s because it’s not, it’s your new positive, happy, free life.

I urge you to make the step, the leap and become you, become happy and live your life. Happiness really is everything.

Thank you for reading this far, I wish you all the happiness in the world but I’m pretty sure you will find it, just start looking.

Let’s begin the journey, start today, start now.