I’ve been fortunate enough to recruit for some of the world’s most recognized brands. The secret to getting that dream job is… there is no secret. Recruiters and hiring managers are all individuals who have different things they are looking for. Having said that, there are some things you can do, which will make you stand out from the pack as a top candidate. 

Often the candidates questions are left to towards the end of your first round interview (and scattered throughout the interview if you are fortunate!) It’s your time to shine. Grab that top hat and pull out something magical!

Remember than some heavy hitting recruiters are managing upwards of 30 jobs at any one time. One thing you will see time and time again is “fast paced environment” on job advertisements. You can bet your bottom dollar if you see this, you are most likely to be asked in some way about your ability to handle constant change within your role. 

So what is your job in the interview? Be memorable! Wow them!

If I was to give one piece of advice on how to do this, it would be – make your questions count. The interview is just as much about you getting information, as it is them receiving it.

So how do you make yourself memorable?

Do your homework early and then do it again last minute! 

No, I am not trying to confuse you. 

Make extra time to do your research for very recent news in unconventional places.  Follow them wherever they are publicly available.

Check the most recent updates you can on every platform related to the role you can think of. Ask questions that indicate you care about what’s happening your field right now, why it’s happening and how it relates to your potential role!

For example: If you applied for the role of Data Analyst and your research told you that the company was in the process of choosing a new way to fulfill the reporting requirements and a new system to capture this data; you might read a certain system has been chosen on the vendor’s site. When the interviewer asks: “Do you have any questions, you could say: “You haven’t mentioned this system when we spoke about the reporting. May I ask where is this up to and why this software was chosen?”.

The recruiter may be surprised if you have done a really good job, they may not have the answer! If they don’t, that’s ok!  It is their role to find out and get back to you. Let them know, you are looking forward to finding out more! You also now have an additional reason to follow up! Be honest, be yourself, and make sure you squeeze that question time like a ripe lemon and make that lemonade spectacular!

Jamie is the Founder and Chief Dream Officer at Reaptimistic.

Reaptimistic offers realistically optimistic coaching on leadership and HR services based in Los Angeles, with a twist, our leadership theories are based on the humble dog, love and the code of care, to T – H – I – N – K. Is True, Is it Helpful, it is Inspiring, Is it Necessary and is it Kind?

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