“Get Over It!” Haven’t we heard that, before? Any problems we are experiencing, just get over it. Even love. Even when it comes to the pains of love and how we are expected to move on, after love’s heartbreak. That seems easy. Wouldn’t love be less painful if we could so easily number the pain? Afterall, we could rid ourselves of any attachment or connection to the person we thought we were going to marry or start a family with. Wouldn’t love be better that way? Reality check. While we are dreaming in fairy land, the violins continue to play. Knock. Knock. Is your sorrow of love still knocking at the door? Because if it is, the first step in overcoming it is to, admit that it still, exists! Ok. Now, we are getting, somewhere.

Back to the world of masculinity. Back to the, “real men don’t cry” nonsense, correct? Afterall, a man is not a “real man” should he dare to express his feelings; especially about a woman-especially, about, love. Well, glad that ludicrous aura is starting to fade away.

As the world is opening up and awakening to a healthier vibe, more men are coming to terms that it’s alright to express one’s feelings. Yes. It’s alright. In fact, such actions are seen as more appealing than the “macho men,” who wander around 24/7 with hardened energies. A man, who is in touch with his humanity, is more appealing, than one who is not. And, what creative way to write about it than through a song? ? Poetry. Even keeping a diary is fine. Yes, again. Real men can express their feelings, through the power of words being trapped on paper. Back to the heartache, shall we?

“It Keeps Right On A Hurtin!” For, during this time a person is experiencing the agonies of what should have been. People want to experience love. Who can blame them? Life is not worth living if we are lacking in, love. Oh, how we wish to hold tightly to the ones, whose love we have lost. We want them back. Waving our imaginary wands, we desire them back. However, reality sets in. We can’t control them. Here’s the heartbreaker. Are you ready? We can’t force anyone to love us. Try as hard as we may. Try as hard as we might. Don’t think for one second we can make a lost person love us right. It doesn’t work that way.

What more can a man do, but pour out his sorrow in a healthy way? Crying won’t bring her back. But, it does help to cleanse out the pain. In fact, pouring one’s tears into a song directs the healing process, even more. It grants us the power to heal our minds, bodies, and Spirits. In this way, we can focus on that emotional work of, moving on. Moving forward with our lives, towards a love, that will appreciate us, more. Cherish us for how we deserve to be cherished. How precious for such a love to take place!

For now, such a time is not there, yet. Right now, we have to get through the current pain; the current hurt. Frankly speaking, it ain’t fun! Thank the Most High for music! As during this day, we have the power to try and make sense of it all. We don’t have to stay stuck in our sorrow; going crazy, in the process. At least, we can slowly purge away any painful toxicities, arising from the agonies of love’s heartache. At least, we can do that.

“It keeps right on hurtin’ since you’ve gone” “I cry myself to sleep each night, wishing I could hold you tight”

“Life seems so empty since you went away” “The pillow where you lay your head now holds my lonely tears, instead”

“And it keeps right on a hurtin’ since you’ve gone; it keeps right on a hurtin’ every minute of the day”

“Every hour you’re away, I feel so lonely; and I can’t help it, I don’t think I can go on”

“And it keeps right on hurtin’ since you’ve gone”

Just conveying his feelings is healthy, isn’t? It feels good to see him breathe through the agony of a woman having that much control on his feelings. Yes. It feels good. Can you feel the pain being released from his masculinity, with every lyric of this song? If only more men could do that. If only more could move through their emotional barriers and be honest about their vulnerabilities when it comes to love.

“They say a man should never cry, but when I see you passing by my heart breaks down and cries a million tears”

“You broke my heart and set me free, but you forgot your memories”

“And, it keeps right on a hurtin’ since you’ve been gone”

Now, he is free. Speaking it is the very foundation towards a healing journey after heartbreak. It will take time. Healing can never be rushed. However, the initial step is just that; performing it in the realistic of forms. Once that’s done, love will come again-in one’s own timing. It keeps right on a hurtin.’ It keeps right on a hurtin.’ It keeps right on a hurtin,’ until one keeps the hurt, no more.

Roy Drusky