Today, we are living in the time of the C-Virus, and many of us are being asked to go within (some for the first time ever!).

The situation is not easy for many people. People are closed in their house, without their external distractions and stability of their usual day to day lives.

I believe is our duty as conscious leaders and entrepreneurs to bring awareness and tools to those who are suffering. Those of us who have done the work are being asked to lead. We’ve been working from home, we’ve been exploring our shadows… and now, we must rise.

But, that doesn’t mean we won’t experience the sensations of fear, anxiety and the unknown like the rest of the world. We are all empathetic creatures, so allow yourself to rise with the tides and let the waves of emotion pass through, knowing there is safety on the other side. What’s most important for you to know right now is, you can be both the hero and feel so so held. It is the dance of feminine and masculine.

All of us are wondering if our businesses will be safe based on the chaos of the outside world, which is why I must remind you, what deep down you already know: PROSPERITY HAPPENS INTERNALLY.

We are told to surrender and trust the masculine, and being at home with excess space is the perfect opportunity to do so, you must ask yourself: Are you aligned to actually receive?

This is the power behind energy clearings and activations and the power behind the slowness and space of feminine energy, which is rising as we speak.

Recently I performed an energy clearing on an amazing client, and she learned that the clients don’t just come when you are not energetically aligned, even if you are taking all the right actions.

You have to be all in.

You have to have clarity.

You have to be embodied.

THAT is when the quantum results come in.

Not once you sign that next client.

Not once you sell out your program.

Not once you get that huge media opportunity.

“What I learned through this process is that on the outside, we can think we’re doing everything right, but if on the inside the little girl or boy in us is terrified, our magic can’t come out into the world. We must be willing to heal ourselves, then serve others,” My client, Gabi, said after our clearing session.

And that’s when the quantum leaps occur, when you heal the internal first, the incredible external results easily flow to you. We are all being given the opportunity to be internal right now.

Magic happens when there is true embodiment.

Now is the time to reclaim your power, your magic, and your prosperity.

In these moments, we need you more than ever.

Don’t stop selling.

Don’t stop showing up.

Don’t spiral downwards.

We choose light in these times.

We choose community.

We choose support.

And I choose you to rise.



    Energetic Business Mentor [Human Design + Gene Keys Master Expert]

    Elisa Canali School of Human Design

    Before understanding Human Design and that we all have very unique genetic designs... I was working with huge CEOS, CFOS, Art directors and I remember feeling so unheard and under-appreciated even though I was working up to 80 hours a week! Today, I run a business in a way that aligns with my design and help other women do the same. My mission is to activate and coach Conscious Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives so that they can become light leaders in the world and create abundance, freedom, and richness in all areas of their life and business. I equip each of my clients with the mindset, strategy, and energy work they need in order to bring into reality their wildest dreams including their dream clients, a full bank account, a widely successful business, more love... and most importantly, joy in all their fruitful actions.