yoga training
Image from Vishuddhi Yoga

The vast majority of us are not used to spending that much time at home. We carry frenetic rhythms between the days in the office, the hours of exercise and also the social time that we allocate to be with our own. To help cope with the anxiety that these moments of uncertainty may generate for us, we suggest you invest a little time a day to practice yoga online in your living room. 

A positive point of view

Let’s turn the situation around and make the most of it. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity these circumstances give us to dedicate ourselves a little more time to ourselves.

You may have wanted to start in the world of yoga but you have never found the moment because of lack of time. Well, now you have plenty of time. Whether you are already a regular practitioner or want to become familiar with this discipline, this quarantine dedicates a few moments of your day and contemplate the benefits it brings you. 

Yoga, besides being a relatively easy practice to follow through a screen from your living room, is not only a great physical exercise for your bones and muscles, but it will also help calm your mind and reduce anxiety levels. 

The instructors join the online

There are many schools and yoga instructors who have wanted to join the initiatives of free online classes. Through live videos on Instagram or YouTube, you can follow, step by step, an exercise routine just as if you were in a centre. 

For those starting out, experts always recommend doing it through the easiest postures. These, like Sukhasana, usually help in times of tiredness, nervousness, anguish or tension. In addition, it also favours the strengthening and relaxation of the back and shoulders and the relaxation of the ankles, hips and knees. 

Its benefits

Yoga will provide you with the tools to calm your mind and reduce the stress or suffering that this situation may cause you. In addition, practising it every day establishing a small routine, can also benefit you in other aspects.

Let us remember that in this situation it is very important to pay special attention to our diet, take care of our sleep routines, dedicate a little time to exercise and find alternatives such as reading so as not to fall into the trap of screens 24 hours a day.