“Do what you love and work won’t feel like work”. You must have heard this statement many times before and you’re probably tired of hearing it. Trust me, I was too! Until I experienced it myself. I found my passion for Traveling and Writing when I went on my very first solo vacation.

I used to have a normal life. I completed my schooling and then my graduation and then I started working for a local newspaper. However, I quit that job because of the insufficient pay and the nature of the job. Also, I found my passion for writing at the age of 14. My parents were divorced and it left a scar on my mind. I didn’t interact with anyone for many days and that’s when I started writing about the things I felt. Those harsh times helped me in becoming the cheerful man I am today as I found my ultimate passion for writing. I started writing continuously about the things I felt and believed and it just made me very happy.

After quitting my job, I decided that I needed a vacation. So, I packed my bags and went on my very first solo vacation with the money I had saved up. Yes, despite my sad pay I saved up enough money to go on a vacation.

While on that vacation, I started documenting fascinating things about the places I visited and the thing I did. The adrenaline rush and the excitement about visiting a new place made me extremely cheerful and happy and my habit of documenting everything about those places acted as the building blocks for my success. That’s what you call a win-win situation in my opinion.

I’m sure you must want to know the way to find your passion. Do not worry comrade!! Here are 5 ways to find your true passion in life:

List The Things You Hate Doing

Make a list of the careers you simply despise. This will help you by kicking those options out of the way and making the path to your true passion even more clear. Another piece of advice is to list the people you are jealous of with the work they do. Then try to do those things by yourself, you might find your passion for one of them.

Just Ask Yourself These Three Simple Questions

Asking yourself these three easy questions might just help you in finding your true passion:

  1. Without getting bored, which subject can you read 1000 books about?
  2. If I was filthy rich, what would I spend my time doing?
  3. Without getting paid, what could I do for five years straight?

The answer to all these three questions is most likely to be your true ultimate passion. So, go ahead and play this game of “who wants to be a millionaire” with yourself.

Discuss With Your Dear Ones

Passion just strikes in the mind of some people, however, that’s not the case for everyone. Your passion might not strike you suddenly and that’s why you need some help.

Firstly, your help. Spend 15-20 minutes daily thinking about what things have interested you lately. One of them might become your passion.

Secondly, your friends and family. You can also ask your friends and family about what things do they think you’re good at, compare those things with what you love doing the most and viola! You might just have your answer. But, remember not to pressure them as they might rush their answers.

Revisit Your Childhood

Yes, to find your true passion, get in a time machine and travel to the past… I’m just kidding. This is one of the best ways to find your true passion. Just think and try to remember what you loved doing when you were just a little brat. This method helped me a lot as I loved English literature and poetry when I was about 14-years-old. That’s what made me the writer I am today. So go ahead, seek the answer to this ultimate question way down in memory lane. The key to your success might just be in your past.

Peek Into The Future With The Power Of Imagination

Visualize! Close your eyes and imagine you’re waking up in the morning with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart. You get ready, have good breakfast, and go out of your house to a shining sun and you’re feeling super energetic and can’t wait to reach your workplace. Now pause… think hard about what that work must be… that my friend… is your true passion.

So, there you go. This was my story of finding my passion and making it my life. Even you can find your true passion with the help of the above-mentioned ways. So, go on little bird, spread your wings of passion and fly high in the sky of success.