In an open research platform, you get to access existing data, which you can use as a starting point to accomplishing your goal. You also get unlimited access to tools that will help you collect the data you need. Currently, there are many open research platforms where you can find existing data and the right tools for sourcing more information. 

These open data and tools are worth trillions of dollars annually. However, only businesses who make use of it can benefit immensely. But how do open data and tools otherwise known as open research benefit individual businesses?

It Fosters Growth

Open research allows business ideas to be set up based on the public data available. You get access to public data and then build profitable business ideas around it. Furthermore, you can use the open research tools to source specific data that will solve your business problems.  In addition, it encourages innovation, especially if you are running a small business or a startup company.

Creates More Business Opportunities

Because of the open-source data available, more business ideas can be generated, leading to more companies. Besides this, existing companies who are making use of the open-source data can create new products which will be beneficial to their businesses and the public at large. Open research will boost business opportunities because there will be the creation of more businesses and new products.

Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competitors

Businesses that use open research have an advantage over their competitors that don’t make use of it. This is because you will have more market insights than other businesses in your niche. In addition, you will plan well for the future because you have access to data and tools that allow you to know what to expect.

Keeps you Informed About Your Competitors

Even if your competitors are using open research, it still doesn’t spell doom for your business. With open research, you can see what other businesses in your niche are up to. Other important details like their financial state and the latest technologies they are using will be known to you. You can then use the information gotten from your competitors to devise a strategy that will counter theirs and also improve your business.

Good for Targeted Marketing

In business, knowing the set of people who need your goods and services and marketing them to them increases sales. However, the only way you can know your targeted users is if you have access to data and tools that will help you find them. Open research gives you access to public data and tools that will make marketing to targeted users a walk in the park.


Open research is a technology from which many sectors in the world, including business, are benefiting. Want your business to enjoy all the benefits discussed in this article and more? Join an open research platform today. You can reach out to Effect Group to help out with Intelligent data gathering.