If you have periods of feeling stuck, frustrated or less alive, then please read on.

You may think that you need to simply “press on through” to get beyond blocks, but the opposite is often true. If what you are doing has brought you into your current situation, you need to do something differently for a new one. That means STOP. Just stop – because if you continue today with what you did yesterday, then tomorrow will be like today.

STOP means to Sit, Time-Out, Process. The key is to calm the mind. Steady the choppy waters of activity and break out of the current turbulent energy into abundant flow. Simply sit yourself down; take 2-20 minutes to remove yourself from your perceived life of responsibilities and activities; allow for processing.

Most likely, your concept of processing is one of high brain activity. The STOP process is the opposite. Processing means to arrest much of the brain activity so that you can integrate your entire being and connect with Self. Yes, you guessed it – to process means to meditate.

You may feel panic, because the western mind is most often not trained to meditate. Yet, there is hope. All you need is willingness.

You can develop the ability to meditate effectively. There are many guided meditations and meditative music videos available today. I am an advocate of mini meditations. (Often, we can more easily justify taking a 2 to 20 minute break right where you are rather than taking an hour in a special place). Mini meditations on Youtube can support you to take a short moment for the Self. This quiet period of focusing on the breath to listen inward helps keep balance and flow with life. Remarkably, time taken away from activity makes your actions more impactful, because the focus is clearer. The silent time of “doing nothing” gives greater weight to accomplishments than massive busy-ness.

Taking meditation moments is a healthy habit that can truly benefit your abundant flow in life. Take 2 to 20 minutes to simply focus on your breath and listen within. Personally, proof through my experience is enough to convince me. I feel the benefit I gain from meditation. If you prefer to read research to convince you, there is a lot of information on the benefits of meditation available. I simply love the calm and peace that I get from stilling my mind and paying attention to my breath.

When you start a healthy habit, you leave less room for the unhealthy habits. So if you feel that you have bad habits to break: stop smoking, loose weight, drink less, etc., ignore them and start a healthy habit of meditating. Focus on the health you want. Use the habit of meditation.

Meditate and if it inspires you, add another healthy habit, like daily walks. Even if you continue with your unhealthy habit, you can STOP for 2 to 20 minutes – inject your health habit of meditation and carry on. You may find that focusing on the healthy activities will automatically reduce the unhealthy ones. No need to fight against anything.

When the stuck, frustration and feeling less alive moments come, thank them for reminding you to STOP. You will open your consciousness. Then you may simply choose in each conscious moment the activity that brings you into your abundant flow.