When I was growing up, people would always ask me what I All wanted to be when I was older.  My response was always the steadfast? “Happy. I want to be happy.” This response was always met with resistance. “No, no. What job do you want to have? Doctor? Lawyer? School teacher?” Confused by this, I would reply, “Sure! I can be any of those things. I just want to be happy!”

As early as the age of 6, I observed people, and it was obvious to me that most of them were not happy. Many of them created their lives based on what they were taught was the correct way to do things, it simply did not work for them, and they had no tools to change and create something different.

Regardless of where you are in life right now, regardless of your age, it is never too late to create a life that is satisfying to you. If you are willing to be out of the box and look from another perspective, you can have everything you desire. Yes, everything.

Here are 6 unconventional concepts for creating the life that you would be happy to wake up to every day.

1.   Change your mind. Change your experience.

Let’s start with a previous statement which included these words, “You can have everything you desire.” Is that your current point of view? Or do you think that is too idealistic? Either way, your point of view creates your reality. Said another way, what you decide is so, IS so. If you have a point of view that is not creating what you desire as your life, say, “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view” until it lightens up. Now, if that point of view was not real and true, simply interesting, what point of view could you choose?

2.   What is true for you?

If you could have anything in and as your life, what would that be? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you don’t know what it is you desire, how could it possibly show up? Ask this question and then write down 8-10 things. How much money do you desire? Do you wish to travel? How often? Do you wish to do something that contributes to others? To the earth? Clarify what is true for you.

3.   It’s all about energy

Whether you know it or not, energy was your first language. Before you knew how to speak words, you knew how to perceive and speak energy. Recognizing this is an important part of creating your life. Look at your list of 8 – 10 things. Perceive the energy of what your life will be when those things show up, pull them in and ask the universe to show you where to go. You will feel the pings. The universe knows how to get your attention. Follow those pings and things will show up in the strangest places.

4.   Stop trying to figure out the “how”

If thinking and planning got you everything you wanted in life, you would likely be there already. Thinking stops you from having what you desire because when you think, you can only allow things that match the conclusions of your thinking into your world. This keeps you from creating your future. When you find yourself trying to figure it out, go back to your list, get the energy of the future you desire and pull it in.

5.   The “difference” of you

Many people create their lives by watching what others who seem happy do, and then copying that. Many people try to make money in the same way. One of the problems with this is that you aren’t most people. You are different and that is your strength. Live by that difference rather than the sameness of others. Others have a way of making money that is their way. Discover what your way is and do that. Want a clue? What is fun and easy for you? Follow that.

6.   Too Easy

A common point of view about creating the life and future you desire, is that it must be hard and there have to be difficulties to overcome. Thinking that making it through difficulties means you deserve a fulfilling life is strange to me. Do you deserve air? Do you breathe it anyway? What if having everything you desire is the same and you can receive it all with ease, in the same way that you breathe? The question you must ask yourself is, “Would I rather create my life through difficulties or through possibilities?” If you answered with possibilities, ask this question all the time, “What else is possible here that I have never considered?” Ask and discover a whole new world open.

Most of you are living your life as though you are in life sentence and you are destined to stay in the little box you have created your life as, as though you have no other choice. The reality is, you do have choice and your choice is all that is required to change what currently is, to what you would like it to be. The world would like to give you everything you desire. You just have to ask.