For me it’s very easy to maintain optimism and also very easy to lose it depending on the mind state. The good thing is I have a source that never fails to fill me with optimism, people and podcasts.

I like to study people and hear what they’re capable of because it reminds of what’s possible.

Hearing people go beyond their limits when others doubted them is amazing and inspiring for me and makes me question what can I do. The success of others never intimidates me or causes jealously, it makes me look at myself and think what can I do?

What’s boosted my optimism tenfold also is the arrival of my son. He’s really changed my mood and added fuel to my fire. My son is my new source of encouragement and inspiration, he makes me go that little bit further. He gives me purpose… My family give me purpose.

Failure is pretty much the only thing that challenges my optimism. Especially when I let the feeling of failure linger. Once aware of this dip in optimism over time that energy is converted in to fuel to get me back on the road.

Overtime my view on optimism has changed and still at times I’m a “glass half empty” type of human being. But once you experience the weight coming off your shoulders after a change in mind state things obviously start to feel better. Nothing doesn’t even need to happen in your life but a change of mindset, everything that comes after is a bonus.