Entrepreneurs usually lean towards one of two business mind sets. They are usually optimists which lean towards more positivity on outcomes, or they are realists, who see the bad as inevitable. So which one serves you better as a business owner? Studies show a strong link between successful entrepreneurs and optimism. Optimism is a trait that should become more common. Optimism has been proven to improve the immune system, prevent common disease and help people cope when they receive bad news. Optimist people are people with gratitude and grateful people are happier and less stressful people, even less depressed. Optimism may very well be considered as reacting to problems with a sense of confidence and high personal ability and believe negative events are temporary. So one may ask how can Optimism help you as a business owner and graphic designer in 2018? Well look at the current events, Trump in office and all the people who oppose the Trump administration is a negative current event. So for example , you look at this as a temporary situation when in all reality it is, because no president is in office forever. Well by doing this it is being optimistic. So lets add that example to being a graphic designer or business owner. Let’s say you have a deadline to meet for a project and it is frustrating you, well it is only temporary and when the deadline passes the frustration will be gone from this project. Looking at a situation like this is optimism and a more positive way of thinking. So applying optimism to your job or career as a business owner may very well help you stay positive in the workplace. Now be careful though too much optimism can be bad, but lets not get into that can of worms. All In All, apply optimisms positivity to your career and job and watch how it helps you to succeed. It is better to remain optimistic and positive with any career, as a business owner or graphic designer than to be a bitter and negative person in the work place. I hope this lesson about optimism helps you succeed with your career, because I am only sharing this because I have seen first hand how it has helped me as a graphic designer and business owner. Stay positive and stay optimistic and go get that career that you have been dreaming of!