If you or your loved ones are experiencing problems consuming food due to the loss of teeth, it’s time to think about replacing all of the teeth with dental implants. Replacing your teeth with a dental implant is also practical for individuals who have unhealthy teeth.

Recent advancement in technology has enabled dentists to provide safe and effective dental implant techniques that can bring back your smile.

Please remember that replacing your entire set of teeth should only be done after consulting a professional. You should always ask questions and take your time before undergoing such procedures. For more information, you may contact Woodborough House Dental Practise, a reputable provider of cosmetic dentistry and oral health care serving North Finchley and London Regions.

How is it done?

Unlike replacing a single tooth from a dental implant, the procedure allows experts to place support at strategic locations inside the mouth, which holds artificial teeth in place. Unlike a single dental implant, the procedure may require multiple visits to the dentist before you and your doctor can plan the best course of action.

During these visits, an expert will critically analyse the scan of your mouth to check how feasible it is to place multiple implants inside the jaw. The procedure requires meticulous planning because dentists want to ensure that the resulting surgery will benefit the patient in the long run without causing undue problems. In fact, experienced professionals can easily replace all of your teeth safely.

You should also remember that in some cases it may not be possible for the dental professional to replace all of your teeth. This happens because medical experts need to carefully evaluate the bone loss and the direction of bone and soft tissue loss before they can decide to provide a permanent solution. It is also possible that your dentist may suggest a partial replacement or offer a different procedure instead, if there is a more suitable option.

Types of Procedures

Two of the most common dental implant procedures are full-arch fixed implant-supported bridges and all-on-four concepts.

In a full-arch fixed implant supported bridge, multiple supports act as roots to support a fixed dental bridge over those dental implants. At the end of the procedure, you will have new sets of teeth on multiple implant posts. The main benefit of this type of implant is a permanent, fixed, stable, and secure solution for all the teeth. An experienced professional can accurately place implants and the bridge to provide a long-lasting smile that lasts a lifetime.

Due to the placement of these implants, patients do not face loose dentures in the lower jaws, which results in improved quality of life. In fact, this is the only solution for patients who do not have any teeth. It also means that a full-arch fixed implant is a viable solution for seniors.

Another alternative to replacing teeth is an all-on-four concept. As the name suggests, it involves placing 4 dental implants in the lower jaw and then placing a fixed implant bridge on the implant. The fixed bridge on the lower jaws cannot be removed like dentures, which makes it easier for people to eat and use the fabricated teeth just as their real teeth. You will also need to take care of the bridge by cleaning and brushing it on a regular basis just like the real teeth.

The main benefit of the all-on-four concept is the ability to carry out the surgery in a single day. The bridge replaces your missing jawbone and gums making it easier for individuals to use their teeth naturally.

Depending on the history of the patient and the anatomy of bone structure, the health professional may also advise other alternatives such as all-in-six concepts and implant-retained overdentures.