“My dreams and goals are never going to happen!”

“My life is dull.”

“I think I’m in a rut.”

Do you recognize these statements?

You should, because we’ve all said these exact words to ourselves at one time or another.

In fact, you may be repeatedly saying each phrase or something similar to yourself right now.

Take a deep breath. It’s ok!

What you’re actually experiencing, is what I like to call the ordinary phase.

I’ve labeled this stage with a common, almost boring description because it honestly feels this way. In some cases, it also looks like an uninteresting time in your life as well.

Yet, without this stage, nothing can become interesting, exciting or extraordinary.

In fact, what most people don’t realize, is that this unadventurous time of their life is when all the magic actually occurs.

Let me explain.

When we first set our goals or envision a dream, I like to believe this is like planting a flower seed in a garden.

You see, I absolutely love gardening and I have a beautiful backyard. My husband and I actually landscaped the entire yard ourselves and it was through this process that I’ve come to learn an amazing perspective on life. Growing a flower is no different than growing your dreams.

As a garden lover, every spring I always plant flower seeds in my yard. It’s always a very exciting time because I love it when all the new blooms appear. Yet, to my dismay it’s a very slow process before I see anything.

However, below the black, dark soil, alone and out of sight, things are starting to take shape. What was once just a miniscule seedling has now fought and struggled to expand into a little sprout with tiny white roots.

In the days that follow the sprout is feverishly using the soils nutrients, the sunshine and rain to assist with its mission.

To the naked eye, it doesn’t look like anything is happening, but below the earth the seed is undergoing a complete transformation. It’s truly magical.

A few weeks later, the seed’s pain and anguish pay off and a sprout appears above the soil. A new exhilarating growth stage has begun.

Within days, change progresses quickly and a tall stem and tiny leaves appear. Nonetheless incredible, once the structure has been developed the days that follow become reminiscent of a mundane routine.

Each day the stem and leaves soak up the rain and sunshine. A predictable pace of growth starts to occur and yet the plant is becoming stronger, never losing sight of its destiny.

Then without notice, a small colourful bud appears. What was once just a seed has begun to evolve into something remarkable.

Then it occurs. Everything I’ve been waiting for. The bud blooms into an impressive, colourful flower that radiates beauty throughout the yard.

This incredible act of nature is amazing and when you think about it, no different than when a person goes after their dream.

Coming up with the dream and setting the goal is always very exciting. Although, once you begin chasing it, progress can feel painstakingly slow, hard and arduous. Yet like the seed, this growth is necessary and imperative.

During this phase the seedling used its time wisely to learn how to feed on the nutrients for essential growth. It also realized it needed help from the sun and rain to further its evolution.

Going after your dreams isn’t dissimilar. Starting, although difficult, is a time to learn, research and meet the necessary people to help propel you forward.

It can often feel lonely and incomprehensible. There can even be times you feel like giving up, but without this stage you will never break through to create the successful dream you long for.

Once free of the initial development stage, your stem and leaves will start to take shape and a new sense of excitement begins.

Nevertheless, even during this time period, life can feel dull, boring and dare I say, ordinary. Sometimes it takes months, if not years to properly develop your dreams. However, if you keep at it, striving to keep growing, eventually your bud will appear.

Just like the flower, it didn’t happen overnight. Your dreams, goals and life aspirations won’t happen immediately either.

However, if you can believe in the ordinary growth. Holding strong to your journey. Ordinary will inevitably always become magnificently…EXTRAORDINARY! 


  • Heidi Allen

    Positive People Army Founder, Chicken Soup For the Soul Author & Motivational Speaker

    Heidi Allen began her journey as a successful wedding photographer but knew she was supposed to be doing something bigger. Determined to make her mark and make a difference, her next careers-wedding gown store owner, lifestyle editor for a popular wedding magazine, co-host for a morning drive radio show-were the same. After working as a TV host, she settled on the Marilyn Denis Show as a makeover producer helping women transform their lives. All of a sudden something changed within her. She realized she was meant to motivate and inspire people on a larger level. The Positive People Army movement began. Heidi is also the author of Stories: Finding YOur Wings available at Indigo, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.