So let’s go back to a few weeks ago. 

I was in one of my favourite Facebook groups- Mums In Business Association and the founders Estelle Keeber & Leona Burton announced that they are putting a book together of 20 inspirational stories that they want us to feature in. 

The group has 17,000 women in it, and they have space for 20 stories. 

The negative thoughts in my head started up- ‘your story isn’t inspirational’, ‘no point trying’, ‘they won’t choose you’. But I decided that you don’t get anywhere sitting there and letting the negative thoughts win, I have as much chance as anyone getting featured and so I put my story forward. I actually went and forgot about it after that and thought that was the end of that. However, fate had other ideas.

A week later I interviewed the lovely Estelle & Leona for my website. At the end of the interview, Estelle asked me if I’d like to feature in the book. Of course, I said yes and started getting my story written! I was due to be in the 2nd book in April, but again fate intervened. A couple of spaces became available in the first edition of the book and I quickly got my story across.

The next thing I knew I was told that I’d been accepted and would be in the first book- due to be launched 12th Jan. 

However, once more the plan wasn’t to be adhered to and we were told on Friday 8th December that the book was live on Amazon. We’d had no time to market it or do any build up to the book – it was there ready to be bought. We all wanted this book to go to the bestsellers list organically and we all believed that collectively, we could achieve just that. 

I think most of us were in shock that we were published authors, where just a few weeks before this book had just been an idea from Leona & Estelle.

(Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash) 

The most amazing thing happened, all 20 women and of course Leona & Estelle all came together in the most supportive way and we all shared and tried to spread the word about our book. At this stage we had received no press or media coverage, it was just us ordinary women at sink or swim stage. With the will to succeed.

And guess what, on Saturday 9th December- approximately 24hours after launching, we reached the coveted No.1 Amazon Bestseller list. 

Just 20 ordinary women sharing their stories for the world to be inspired. We have stories of drug abuse, domestic violence, bereavement and heartbreak but that did not hold these amazing ladies back. Take inspiration from these incredible heartfelt stories of 20 regular women who had the desire to succeed against all odds.

Our desire to succeed has just made us all not just published authors but Amazon No.1 Bestselling Authors. 

Co-Authors-  Naomi-Jade Francis, Vicky Barbour Andrews, Sandie coles, Ana Lousie Bonasera, Laura Carlow, Val Blackburn, Fili Tagaloa, Denise Martinez-Rossini, Myisha Hill, Lucy Tollerfield, Holly Blair, Sherry Cannon-Jones, Ayesha Shareef Hashim, Maggie Cavanagh, Katie Helliwell, Ciara McCarron, Hannah Jago, Vicky Louise, Xristina Georgiou and Katie Colella.

You can grab your copy here.