One of the most common traits among high achievers is a results-driven, self-motivated mindset. Organization, goal-setting, success … it all begins with imagination. If you can wrap your head around it, you can attain it. Here are four mental organization hacks that can help you set yourself up for success.

1. Clear the mind clutter.

It’s hard to even think about getting organized when your mind is cluttered with never-ending streams of info, notifications, demands, desires, worry and more. I like to unplug, find a quiet place (so I can hear myself think) and put pen to paper. When you can physically see what’s been on your mind, you have more control over it. You can analyze what’s important and what’s not, write to-do lists and create action plans for next steps. You can even toss it or file it away if all you needed was to clear up some mind space to focus on how to get organized

2. “Believe you can and you will.” —Debasish Mridha

Believing in yourself is more than wishful thinking; it’s about your intentions, your vision and giving yourself permission to go for it! Once your mind is decluttered, focus on setting your intentions for why and how you want to get organized. This step is often skipped, but defining your intentions first will not only give you a solid foundation to build your goals on, but it will also help you set smarter, more mindful and realistic goals. 

What is the difference between intentions and goals?

I get asked this question all the time. Intentions are all about the present and can be incorporated into your lifestyle regardless of whether or not your goals change. Goals, on the other hand, are based in the future and bound by time. Combining the two can significantly increase your odds of success.

Once you’ve set your intentions, tap into the power of visualization. Imagine what it looks and feels like to get organized and reach your goals. For example, if your vision is to organize a successful job search so you can advance your career, see yourself in your new office at your ideal job and visualize completing each step it takes to get there: your interview, the offer letter, sharing the news with your friends & family, your first day, and so on.  

Believe you can and GOAL for it!

3. Write SMART goals.

Did you know that writing down your goals significantly improves your chances of achieving them? That’s why I religiously write my goals down in my LifePlanner™. If it’s something I truly want to achieve, I translate my vision from a picture in my mind into concrete goals on paper. The next step is to hone them into SMART goals.

What are SMART goals?

Specific – Clearly define your goals.

Measurable – Identify a way to measure your success.

Achievable – Keep them realistic.

Relevant – Stick with goals that support your vision.

Time-bound – Commit to your goals by setting time limits.

4. Share your goals with someone you respect.

Erin Condren & her father

Did you know that sharing your goals with someone you consider more successful than yourself can improve your likelihood of achieving them? I love this little trick! It’s like social-hacking your brain. Try it for yourself and see if you too can kickstart a goal-driven mindset and set yourself up for success! 

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