When it comes to organizing a house full of hectic schedules, it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect, and it’s definitely okay to change it up! As my kids head back to school and we prep for a busy fall, I’ve taken to using my Wall Organization Center as my family’s central hub to keep us all on the same page. 

Four teenagers heading into senior year of high school means four sets of SATs, college applications, tutors, tests, deadlines, and more than I can even wrap my brain around. That combined with my hectic work and travel schedule can make for total chaos, which is truly why I decided to design a product to sync the whole family. Organizing can seem overwhelming when you first start, but having one designated space can really simplify the process. 

The personalized inserts truly fit your family’s unique schedule and style. My family relies on our monthly calendar during less structured times like over the summer and during other school breaks. When my kids are in school, we switch to our weekly layout to manage juggling water polo, ASB meetings, tutors, and more.

But your family may be different! From menu planning to chore charts and career goals, here’s how you can control everyday chaos with your Wall Organization Center.

Customize an organization system for your family’s specific needs

Whether you’re like me and you need to see the entire month at once, or you like breaking down the tasks by day or week, we’ve got something to work for you! The Chore Chart board is great for instilling habits and routines in young children, while the White Board may be a better fit for your thought process. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to organization. As long as you commit to finding what works for you and strive for progress, not perfection, you’re on your way! 

Designate a common area in your home for a family organization center

Getting your family in the habit of checking in with each other’s schedule is important. Set your Wall Organization Center, calendar, or whatever organization system you’re committed to in a central location so everyone can easily see it. I like to keep mine in the kitchen so when the kids are grabbing their lunch and walking through on their way to school, they can clearly see written reminders of activities and events happening the rest of the week. 

Make a meal plan.

Meal planning is an essential family organization solution. With the right tools, it can save you money, help establish healthy family eating habits, minimize food waste, and save a ton of time! I recommend using the Weekly Schedule Wall Organization Center as a weekly menu board. Get the kids and the whole family involved! Not only will you be more likely to buy only what your family will eat, but your family will also be more likely to eat the healthy choices you pick out together, rather than skip meals, ruin appetites, or make hungry fast-food runs.

Organize, but stay flexible

Family organization requires a certain level of flexibility. It’s important to build in some wiggle room to accommodate all members of the family. My dad’s catchphrase was “make an adjustment!” You need to go about organization in a way that allows you to continuously make small adjustments on the path to finding the rhythm that works for you and your family. 

Plan together as a family on Sunday nights

Personally, I find that setting aside 20 minutes or so to plan the week ahead makes it easier to set weekly goals and prioritize an often endless list of to-dos. This practice keeps me calm, centered and more prepared for any surprises in the week ahead. Imagine how the benefits of planning ahead would affect your entire family. I try to demonstrate this to my (sometimes admittedly uninterested) 18-year-olds. 

Try setting aside time on Sundays, or whatever day of the week works best for your family, to plan out the week ahead together. Gather the whole family around a weekly schedule board and give each member the chance to participate. An easy way to get started is to ask each person about one goal they want to accomplish in the upcoming week. Then, you can move on to the week’s events, appointments, and so on. 

I’m so excited for you to make your unique family wall organization system the center of your most organized year yet!