Cancer remains one of the biggest challenges in the professional medical hub. According to the National Cancer Institute, around 1,735,350 people will be diagnosed with cancer and around 609,640 people will succumb to death from the disease in the United States. These statistics are appalling and organizations are signaling for a warning and emergency for the public. There are many dedicated 501-non-profit organizations, research centers and foundations laying great emphasis on cancer research, treatments, recovery, and rehabilitation for patients and survivors. These organizations are making a significant impact in the United States and are a profound source of inspiration for leading organizations in other parts of the world, for their immense research and work. Here are to a name a few:

1. Miles Perret Cancer Services

MPCS is a renowned cancer resource center for patients, survivors and their families. Apart from medical treatment, every patient and survivor requires help and support to gauge a proper and healthy lifestyle during the treatment and its aftermath. Miles Perret Cancer Services is based in Lafayette, Acadiana and operates to provide guidance, education, emotional support, wellness programs, and services which come at no price, appointment and require no sort of qualification. Their educational programs and services provided at their office as well as on-the-road transit service. They also outreach in different institutions and clinics by placing members of the organization to visit and facilitate patients. Miles Perret Cancer Services programs and services are divided into an array of groups. From emotional support, nutritional programs to medical supplies, MPCS is dedicated to providing with everything. MPCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is solely funded by public money and not government grants. They even hold a number of fun activities and events for the general public to participate and raise funds for the organization.

2. Livestrong Foundation

A non-profit organization established in 1997, based in Austin, Texas which works for people affected by the disease. It was set up by the renowned road racing cyclist and a multiple times champion, Lance Armstrong. Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer which had repercussions on his professional career. The professional cyclist was inspired to open Livestrong Foundation which now operates as a leading organization facilitating cancer patients and survivors.

3. Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Based in New York and having a global reach, BCRF is another non-profit organization which helps support translational and clinical research on breast cancer disease in intuitions across the United States and other different countries. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has, up till now, managed to raise over $569.4 million to support the research.

4. American Childhood Cancer Organization

Cancer in children has hovered above as a major problem in the profession for years now. To protect the children affected by cancer, the American Childhood Cancer Organization which was previously known as Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation plays a significant role. It is another 501-non-profit organization with dedicated work for cancer in children.

These organizations are working immensely at the heart of the problem and their efforts have made a huge difference in changing the lives of millions.