How many times have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions, only to abandon them a couple days, weeks, or months into the new year? I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. According to a study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University, your goals and dreams are 42% more likely to come true when you WRITE. THEM. DOWN. I know what you’re thinking; seriously?! But yes. And I personally know this to be true—which is why I co-founded an inspirational planner company: to help more people reach their goals and dreams. Now, it all depends on if you’re willing to do the work. You gotta go deep, and you must stay open to the possibilities! If you want to make changes in your life—you first need to focus on how you want to feel. Get your thoughts organized! What would bring you joy and fulfillment? 

Follow these few short steps to organize your task-oriented life into the life of your dreams.

Find a journal, notebook, planner, or My Infinite Agenda.

Start writing down what you’re grateful for. Writing down your gratitude gets your brain into a highly resourceful state. (I often do this when I receive stressful news—I think of what’s going well in my life and I say it aloud or think it clearly– and it really does calm your nervous system. Try it!).

Brainstorm your goals.

Now you’re ready to brainstorm your short-term goals, long-term goals, and your wildest dreams (i.e. the things you’re embarrassed to say aloud to a friend).

Make sure you write your goals in a positive, affirmative way. (For example, if you want to pay off your loans, instead of saying ‘I want to be debt-free,’ write ‘I am excited to be financially free.’ Spin your words to positively affirm the things you are working toward so that the energy you emit when you think and talk about these things is ALL positive.

Be specific in what you ask for. (I.E. I had a friend that asked for a husband, and she got someone else’s. So make sure you ask to meet an incredible, available partner.)

Create a vision board.

You can cut out items from magazines and newspapers- or even print things from online that represent your desires. Once you’ve got some images, glue them into a collage like 10-year-old-you during art class.

Put that vision board somewhere you will look at it daily. (Want to make your business more private? Use My Infinite Agenda—there is vision-boarding space inside your calendar so you can keep your personal goals and dreams on the DL right next to your daily appointments and tasks.)

Review your goals regularly.

At the start of each month, review your goals and dreams; have they changed? Maybe you need to write new ones, or re-articulate them. Give yourself baby-step goals to reach each month that will lead you closer to your ultimate goals. At the end of each month, give yourself credit by writing down the things that came to fruition! 

Check-in with yourself daily.

Now you’ve done your brain-storming and your month-planning. This part is most important: each day, take just 2 minutes, and along with your hum-drum to-do list, right alongside everything that has to happen you’re going to write 1 thing your grateful for, and 1 thing you’re looking forward to. (Please note, the thing you’re looking forward to may be something that is far-fetched to happen—but it is vital that you write it down and articulate this thought for the universe to receive. How can you expect goals and dreams to come true, if you can’t imagine them coming true or believe they are possible?)

Give it time.

Now let the energy of these articulated thoughts work their magic. When you can declaim something it instantly becomes more powerful.

Be open to trying something new, taking a chance, going a different way, and you’ll be amazed at the pull of these goals and dreams on your daily life. They may not always come to you in the form you imagined, but come they will indeed. And that’s why you need to be as specific as possible!

Be sure to write down these two things: your grateful note, and looking-forward to note each day, and voila—you’ve organized success into your life! May we all be disciplined enough to work that 42% success rate, and write down the things we are waiting on. For more ideas on reaching your goals, or to shop the ultimate dream-weaving tool (that also gives back to charity!) visit


  • Katie Copland


    My Infinite Agenda

    Katie Copland is an NYC-based opera singer, and the Co-Founder of the inspirational planner company, My Infinite Agenda. In 2016, two best-friends set-out to spread positivity far beyond the stage by creating a tool to help people more efficiently reach their goals and dreams. Each luxury vision-board planner sold gives back to Sing for Hopecharity: waterDays for Girls International, or Empowerment Plan. With My Infinite Agenda you can build the life you want, and change the life of another. For more information visit