It’s pretty straightforward – An organized office will improve day to day business management and yet, many companies miss out on this, believing they haven’t the time, funds or resources. The fact is, every business can afford to transform the way they do business, and if you knew how a few simple rearrangements could benefit yours, you wouldn’t want to waste another second.

Taking the time to create an efficient office system doesn’t just increase the likelihood of finding that old document that always seems to go missing – it can save you a considerable amount of company money and create fewer stresses in almost every element of the business. Good office management is a no-brainer – here’s why.

Improved time management

It’s not uncommon for meetings or deadlines to overrun from time to time, but having an organized office system can eliminate this altogether and allow you to make up for a lost time in so many areas. Wading through multiple tasks in one afternoon often means none are completed to a satisfactory degree. Don’t apply a ‘jack of all trades’ philosophy to your business. Put only your optimum energy into daily tasks by working to a realistic timeframe.

Deal with emails earlier in the day to free up time for the more important jobs and set yourself unique tasks for each day of the week, i.e., stock take on a Tuesday, banking/accounts on a Friday, etc.

Impressed clients

Ever been intrigued by a product but put off by the display? Well, the same can apply to business offices. Your product or services may be the best around, but both established and potential clients are unlikely to return to your business if your headquarters appear chaotic and disorganized. A careless filing system or cluttered desk portrays a casual take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and clients will take this to mean ‘uninterested’ and rightfully take their time and money elsewhere.

Don’t allow your office environment to jeopardize valuable business relationships. Show that you mean business by highlighting company aims and priorities, creating a breathable office layout, and using up to date information and storage systems.

Increased productivity

It’s quite simple – if your office makes it so that staff and other personnel can easily find whatever they require at all times, productivity will increase, and stress will decrease. Eliminate the time employees spend wading through filing cabinets or waiting by the photocopier by ensuring there are enough facilities for each department and that filing and storage cupboards contain clearly-marked categories.

Office efficiency also lends itself to employee wellbeing and the physical conditions they work in as well as the systematic conditions. The state of an office in terms of cleanliness and comfort can often play a large part in productivity, so improving certain features within your office is more than worthwhile to you.

Even something as simple as ensuring your workplace is well-ventilated will score highly with employees and make your office a more fresh and efficient place to operate in. Serviced offices and business parks such as Craggs Halifax units to let can assist with this need, but it’s up to you to provide your business with a figurative breath of fresh air.