Ever discover the perfect gift for someone but pass it up because their particular gifting occasion is months away? Or you get it, forget about it and can’t find it when you need it? We’ve all been there, which is why I love gift closets! 

Now’s the best time to organize, or restock, yours. Take advantage of seasonal sales to stock up on smart gifts for everyone on your list while saving a bundle! 

A gift closet can be an actual closet or any space in your home where you can store and organize gifts, cards, packaging and the like for easy, year-round, grab-and-go gifting. No matter where you choose to set up your gift closet, just make sure it’s a place that’s out of the way of curious loved ones (trust me)!

How To Organize Your Gift Closet

1. Choose a place in your home to organize (and hide) gifts.

It can be a spare closet, storage cabinet or even suitable space under your bed. Anyplace that’s cool, dry and out of the way of prying eyes will do!

2. Jot down your all-occasion gift list.

Using a notebook, write down as many occasions, gifts and recipients that you expect in the next six months to a year. I like to start with those gifts and occasions that are recurrent every year like birthdays and anniversaries and then branch out to more sporadic occasions, like house warmings, weddings, new baby, graduation, etc. 

3. Create your gift closet organization system.

Whether you use shelves, drawers or under-bed storage bins, you’ll want to organize your gift closet. I organize mine by age, birthdays, holidays, weddings and all-occasion. But that’s just me. I recommend using the gift list you wrote down to create a custom gift closet organization system that works for you.

4. Know the best time to shop for gifts to stock your gift closet. 

In a word: sales. Snap up stylish, quality gifts that are discounted during sales. Thoughtful, inexpensive gifts make the best, win-win presents! When you see a sale, whip out your gift list and stock up. With your gift list ready to go, you can rack up the savings while reducing that last-minute gift rush we’re all too familiar with. Anytime I see something I love, I grab several and store them in my gift closet for easy-but-brilliant, grab-and-go gifting. 

5. Remember to add gifting supplies.

When stocking your gifting closet, don’t forget the gifting supplies! Gift bags, wrapping paper, gift labels … stock it with all of that good stuff. I love to color-code my supplies for quick, convenient and just plain pretty gifting organization. It looks nice and it saves time! Lastly, consider adding personalized gift labels to your stash for elevating all your gifts with a personal (and memorable!) touch. 

Happy gifting!