How does one organize a beautifully busy mind?

  • Clear the mind & release any shame, fear, anger, etc
  • Ground your body
  • Let it flow & take FULL advantage

I’ll elaborate on each of these based on the past 48 hours of my life.

The past two days, well, really, 4, I felt like I accomplished NOTHING. To preface, I’m a fitness and confidence coach in the early stages of business and there is ALWAYS something to do. I currently live with clients of mine (and my fiance’s), I just moved from LA to Dallas and everything is taking a bit longer to adjust than I would like.

So to get to the stuff that you want to hear, I FINALLY was able to sit my ass down, organize my mind, and WRITE. I organized content, and great ideas just FLOWED.

I went from wanting to punch myself in the face, to wanting to jump out of my chair and scream my ideas to anyone and everyone.

Without further ado, welcome to How to Organize Your Busy Bad Ass Brain

Get Quiet

This is not just your surroundings. This is your internal world. If you’ve never meditated before, now is the time to start. This is not easy ESPECIALLY for someone with a busy mind, but even a minute in silence will CHANGE THE GAME for you and your business. The key to this process is to remove judgement from your busy mind. If you’re like, “Wow, I can’t do this, I have so many thoughts, I’m so anxious, this is stupid,” then you’ll only convince yourself further that this isn’t for you. So try to clear your mind then ask yourself a question: ” How do I want to show up today? or What am I holding on to that I need to release? Once you can get yourself thinking clearly, you’ll be amazed what comes up for you and how ideas will become “unstuck” and flow.

Get Grounded

For me, I feel grounded when I can place myself in an environment of calm. Sometimes it’s in front of a fireplace, sometimes it’s outside where I can hear birds singing, sometimes, it’s just a couch in a clean room. Find your physical space and use it to your advantage. You can’t expect to have an organized mind in a disrupted place.

Take FULL Advantage

Once you’ve gotten in a space, mentally, and physically, where you can feel the ideas, the answers, the creativity flowing, DON’T STOP. If you have plans, try to change them. If you were going to go workout, move that time. Your flow state is PRECIOUS, and often only lasts a couple hours, max. Hell, I’m writing this mid-flow state, and I pushed everything aside to make sure I got everything out on paper.

So, girlfriend, grab a coffee and some water and get to work.

Much love,