In the predestined mega-hit novel, Origin, published October 2017 by Doubleday, protagonist Robert Langdon heads to Spain to chase down (while being chased) the answers to humanity’s two most enduring questions:

Where do we come from? Where are we headed?

Simultaneously, international best-selling author Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code), searches for a universal belief that will unite rather than divide us as he continues to challenge our beliefs about God.

And since existing world religions have failed to either unite us or resolve what ails humanity, he proposes creating a new one. What is this new religion?

“Are we naive to think that our gods of today will survive growing science?” ~ Dan Brown

In Origin, Brown turns to real-life science and scientists to solve the mystery of where we came from as well as where we are headed, predicting the rise of a Seventh Kingdom of life called . . . Omitting spoiler.

In the end, neither discovery is particularly shocking to the thinking individual. Yet, his conclusions are delivered in true formulaic Dan Brown thriller fashion, offering a treasure trove of meticulous research (thank you, Mrs. Brown) to motivate non-thinkers to break free of society-induced comas.

In itself, that’s worth far more than skipping a few overpriced coffees to buy the novel—or just reserve it at the library.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Motivating people to think and asking questions again is critical to the survival of our species.

Inspire them to explore beyond the self-created boxes of culture and conditioning, modern-day sage Brown’s life’s work becomes priceless.

Since time immemorial, we’ve been asking if an outside intelligence (divine, no less) is running an organized show or if the planet and six existing kingdoms are a statistically improbable random act of wild luck.

Traditionally, we looked to nature for clues during the day, gazing at the stars at night in search of truth. Always, the methodology was to look outside ourselves for answers despite the conspicuous few—Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, et al.—who promised us nirvana if we just went within.

Influenced by an analytically-minded math teacher father, and a professional musician who performed sacred music for a mother, Dan Brown attempts to merge science and religion to uncover a satisfying answer that resolves the personal yearning of his heart—the ONE universal truth.

The fundamental error is that Brown, via Langdon and his extensive supporting cast, continues to investigate his external world for clues. A great place to start; the clues are endless.

You will never be at a loss for all is hidden in plain sight within nature made visible simply through observation or through the formal study of the material world. You got it—science.

Referencing an external point of view is also known as separation consciousness. Human society was built and continues to operate extensively from the belief that we are separate from one another, nature—even God. (How’s that working for us?)

Brown expertly leads us more than willingly from one clue to the next. In the climax, he comes oh, so close to solving life’s greatest mystery as he finally opens to the highest form of intelligence of all—the intelligence of the heart—love.

Merge mind (material world/science) and the heart (immaterial world/spirit/love), and you’re nearly home free. Alas, Brown hints he’s about to go within to discover the universal truth he seeks but doesn’t quite make it there in his latest page-turner.

Spoiler Alert: If Dan Brown continues to go within, he’ll discover something miraculous. Love is what connects and binds us all.

Love is scientifically quantifiable energy, or soon will be as science next unravels the mysteries of the immaterial realm of life—the true final frontier.

Individually, the transition from separation to unity consciousness is all that’s necessary to unravel the illusion of separation. It’s a free gift from the Universe, God, or whatever you like to call life.

One day you just “get it.” You look around and see it as plainly as the nose on your face. How could we have possibly thought we were separate from one another and from all that exists?

This gift of perfect union with all Creation is yours to awaken to in every now moment. We are all interconnected; humanity is one with planet Earth and our Universe.

Unity consciousness is the removal of the veil extinguishing all mystery—science and religion not required.

If only we evolve to this realization.

Your brilliant future is here now when you follow the clues until led within to discover for yourself the universal truth that God is not an outside intelligence, but is the intelligence contained within you.

Maybe Langdon will make the discovery in his next novel. I look forward to seeing if Brown finally gets his heart’s desire—the peace that comes from knowing the one universal truth:

God is Creation. Meaning, it’s all God.

Heaven isn’t some mystical, far-off destination.

It’s right here; right now.

It’s yours.

You’re home.

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