In Zen, they call the search for Truth the search for the “original face.” The original face is our pure essence before our personalities, beliefs, and conditionings covered it like layers of the onion covering its inner emptiness. Each one of us is responsible for searching and finding the original face for ourselves. It is said, we need to tear down the house of the ego and dig under its foundations in our unconscious to find the treasure of our true Self.
Joy is our true nature, an innate part of who we are.
Our conditionings and beliefs, and identification with our thoughts, emotions, and desires keep us in unconsciousness.
Our being does not need healing – it is already healthy by nature. It is like the hollow core of the bamboo flute, empty and silent yet full of divinity and joy of creation when played. The music arises out of the hollow emptiness of the flute the way joy and love arise out of the emptiness of our being.
Instead of looking within to find the source and mystery of existence, we focus our eyes on the horizon out- side of ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, our genuine search for truth begins when we ask the most fundamental questions: Who am i? Why am i here? We must embrace the present moment and the unknown it contains.
Many unconscious thoughts and emotions are stored layer upon layer as patterns hardwired into our body’s cells. These patterns create energetic blocks in the body and cause physical and psychological pain and suffering. We heal into consciousness by peeling away these layers. This is called ‘Digging.’ We can only heal into consciousness through witnessing. Witnessing is an alert watchfulness of whatever is happening moment to moment without mental or emotional engagement. In other words, it is the detached, unidentified, and non-judgmental observation of what is. Witnessing is like a muscle that you need to strengthen through experience and practice.ThetaHealing® Meditation is the practice.

Rachna Mehra

Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for Change