Growing up in a small sea-town near Barcelona in Spain, Oriol Vignut has always been fascinated with doing business through selling cool stuff to people. At age 7, he ran a business of printing enlarged cartoon stickers in school using his father’s photocopier and made 5€ every single day. After finishing primary school, Oriol went to university and studied engineering since it was the least boring study he thought he could take that time. Also, being the son of an architect entrepreneur who grew up in his dad’s office drawing buildings, Oriol was influenced in more ways than one to eventually study engineering.

Feeling bored while studying, Oroil Vignut didn’t really put much effort in it because he was aware that the majority of the things taught in school weren’t going to be useful in real jobs in the future. After earning his degree, Oriol started working at his father’s office as a Mechanical Engineer. Wanting to learn more and get his own clients, Oriol worked at a 9 to 5 job where he gained more skills and knowledge about his craft but was treated badly by a boss who eventually made him start hating his job. 

Finally having enough and totally getting demotivated, Oriol Vignut decided to return to his dad’s office and started taking clients for himself. Doing really good at closing deals with clients, Oriol started making money. Despite this accomplishment, Oriol knew that his income potential was very much limited because they were running a business in a fairly small town. Plus, the 2008 construction crisis in Spain added insult to the injury by damaging their already small market.

To make things worse, Oriol had a big accident on his bike in 2017 where he broke his neck and had to stay home for 3 straight months to recover, not being able to even walk. Wanting to kill his boredom, Oriol started digging on the internet to expand his knowledge in eCommerce. Oriol has always been selling stuff on eBay and local second-hand markets. Eventually, Oriol found a way to build stores and ship his products straight from the manufacturer which instantly blew him away. Oriol bought more and more courses about marketing and eCommerce to expand his knowledge to start on a new venture. 

With so many things going on at the same time – helping his family business (renting apartments to tourists in their town), doing his full time job at night, and grinding on his eCommerce stores, Oriol finally found his first success by earning 6 figures in just 1 month in May 2019. Studying numbers all his life, Oriol found it very easy to scale his store. With the help of a brilliant young guy he found on YouTube, Oriol expanded his knowledge even more and started travelling with this guy. Things went by so fast, his income was going really great. In January of 2020, Oriol received a message that his mentor was found dead. 

Feeling the need to continue on his mentor’s legacy, Oriol started helping and teaching others about eCommerce, but in Spanish. Soon enough, Oriol hired 2 of his best students to be a part of his coaching program. Now, Oriol and his team is focusing on growing their community by delivering the best eCommerce results in the Spanish-speaking market.