“If you build it, they will come…” Many of us remember this line from the movie “Field of Dreams”. It simply means if you put forth the effort and believe yourself in the success that follows, success will arrive at your doorstep.

For someone who wants to set aside money to establish a Philanthropic Foundation or Fund, what does it take to make sure your resources are being impactful and truly effective? In this interview series, called “How To Create Philanthropy That Leaves a Lasting Legacy” we are visiting with founders and leaders of Philanthropic Foundations, Charitable Organizations, and Non-Profit Organizations, to talk about the steps they took to create sustainable success.

As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Orville “OH YEAH” Wright.

OH YEAH is creating high quality music for children through Songs of Love Foundation. He believes in elevating others with all of his skills and talents. His generosity and music are changing countless lives.

Thank you for making time to visit with us about a ‘top of mind’ topic. Our readers would like to get to know you a bit better. Can you please tell us about one or two life experiences that most shaped who you are today?

It is an absolute pleasure to be back here with you, Karen! Two life experiences took place in my childhood. One deals with mental health and the stigma of conversation within our communities. The other deals with socialism and how deeply communities are impacted by it.

In my childhood “growing pains”, I faced adversity searching for true identity amongst the crowds that I wanted to “belong” to. I was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There, I was able to identify the many cultures around me but didn’t always fit in. The one commonality between myself and others, however, was music. Despite being diagnosed with ADHD, I found music helped me relate to others around me, based on songs that myself and others were able to recite together. Even in the classroom, where I had made a teacher cry because she didn’t quite understand me and my challenges. This may have been due to not being challenged enough, along with a desire to follow my calling at the time… the art of drawing. I drew on a desk that became quite the artwork which led to seeing a doctor. My mother then helped me get the attention that I needed to keep up and succeed in the classroom. I also found other classmates who were also diagnosed with similar traits and names. This helped me understand more about myself and my thought process with everything.

Also as a kid, many of the places that I lived helped me discover how impactful it was for community to support one another. I made sure to be generous and stand up for others in their struggles, as I was taught by my parents. One instance, I remember is when another kid was being bullied during recess. I decided to interject as the others simply stood around. This one instance is what molded me to understand that the world has a desperate need for love and support, amidst the hate and adversity. Standing up for others is a true passion that I possess as well. It makes me feel better, as much as it makes the others around me gain better understanding of the necessary change for better results.

Though I took a break from music, I would soon return in my early adulthood and find myself demonstrating the same practices in the music I was now creating. I now create music to speak for others, amplifying their voices and beliefs. The music created by me also helps them align with others just like them. To know that I am able to do what I love but also help others beyond words, with actions, means everything to me. This is the reason that I feel these life experiences have helped me understand who I have always been today.

You are a successful leader. Which three character traits do you think were most instrumental to your success? We would love to hear a few stories or examples.

Three traits that I know were the vehicles for my success are patience, dedication, and authenticity.

My patience has grown significantly to the point that I take time for more understanding before I allow my emotions to become an addition to equations. Whether I am fulfilling an order or request, I have to have complete understanding of what someone wants. As a business, I take time to get all of the information needed to create the greatest songs for others. Creating the second song for Songs of Love Foundation, I needed more information than what was initially provided. I simply reached out and was given exactly what I asked for to be my absolute best for someone else. I do not believe that impatience would be a solution, as the song may have been incomplete and lacking a particular element. Even in discussions or debates, I use the limited time given to assess the mood for better responses and how they will be received by the other person. Patience is what helps me understand more in and of the world.

Dedication is what helps me in my resilience. WIth all of the adversities we all face, it can often be an easy route and decision to quit or “try something else”. Instead, I choose to push forward with my initial decision and path. When I decided to let music take more priority than the career as an automotive mechanic, I made sure to devote not just my passion, but also my belief that music (what I love entirely) was going to get me to all of the places (psychologically, physically, metaphorically, etc.) that I knew I would go. I know how easy it is for me to relate everything in my life to music and how I am able to translate situations, scenarios, life challenges, and success stories into the many forms of music. With this in mind, I use my dedication to create the best possible songs for others. When I created a Theme Song for Tyler Perry, it was the dedication that I had from watching him tour the world around his redesigned TYLER PERRY STUDIOS property. He displayed all of this humility despite his great success, which is what helped me discover my calling to learn more about him as a person by picking up his book “Higher is Waiting”. Had it not been for my natural dedication in discovery, I may not have made music like this for Mr Perry and others.

Authenticity is a real novelty trait that few leaders truly possess. With authenticity, we can have an understanding of flaws related to business alongside the course of correction that is attainable. The way that this is possible is with the authenticity of transparency and intent in a leader. I believe in freedom of speech as well as true democracy. With presidential campaigns, a lot gets lost in translation because of people and missions that are misleading. So the question comes to mind regarding past figures… were they authentic? I like to display complete transparency and my true intentions so that others can understand me on a deeper level, align with me, and have a greater opportunity to be successful along with them as they give me support. A good example that I have for you is when I helped a content creator with a song that I did NOT create. They wanted to know some information regarding copyrights. Not creating the song, I explained that I could not copyright someone else’s work but was able to offer protection through publishing. Publishing content is a form of protection, though it isn’t the strongest form. Because of my transparency and authenticity, that same content creator and I had more business together and this led to greater success of their YouTube channel. Often I find that authenticity can come in the form of providing helpful information that many others will only offer for their monetary gain. I believe that is seldom authentic unless you inform everyone from the gate that your level of knowledge comes with a price. This may also be the reason that I have not offered a masterclass on music production or customer service. Regardless, I find satisfaction in being authentic to what I know and how it helps others. Even past co-collaborators have become successful and more visible.

These three traits are what help me in my success as a leader and collaborator. There are so many more stories that I have where my traits were visible and stood out in instances that made me look like an anomaly. I know that many more people, businesses and organizations will look forward to having others like myself on their side because of this.

What’s the most interesting discovery you’ve made since you started leading your organization?

I am not a leader for Songs of Love Foundation but I will say I help the leaders in their success for the communities they serve. The most interesting discovery I have made so far is that it is easy for me to lead by great example. With each song that I create (even before joining the organization), I set the bar higher for myself. With this practice, I can make sure that each song created for the children is special and a melody to keep on repeat. I think that any artist can create a song in a matter of hours or days but it takes a leader to challenge him or herself for greater success of us all. Success takes place with more visibility for the organization and (business-wise)… more revenue. It takes true devotion to impacting lives, which is something I already take pleasure in doing. Before joining this organization, I looked around for other Not-For-Profit teams to join and this one stood out to me with how they give back to the children and their families. Many families look for assistance through moral and financial support. Creating songs and publishing them is how the organization gives back. As a musician, I understand that after creating a song, it is a responsibility to promote the song, should it be selected for broadcast to the entire world. Again, this is something I already do with the many other anthems created for other organizations, leaders, and public figures. The work never ends. With this in mind, it is easy to see how impactful an organization relating to music can be on thousands of lives.

Can you please tell our readers more about how you or your organization intends to make a significant social impact?

Songs of Love Foundation helps to let children and their families know that they have support beyond words. As part of the team, we want each deserving child to have their own song so they can feel special and the families have a memorable mark in music history, instead of just another medical bill. Honestly, this organization shows other musical artists how impactful their music can be if they take themselves out of the focus and replace with a deserving child. Also, I will add that it is the children who socially impact me and others I am sure. Imagine being able to help every kid feel like a hero in their own world. This is the effect of each song that we create. Imagine creating a song that is a “HIT” to every child because they received the song from someone’s heart. This certainly takes place with Songs of Love Foundation.

IDRA (Intercultural Development Research Association) is also front and center with multicultural children from numerous communities. They help children with learning and growing in society, completely demonstrating the “No Child Left Behind” mission. It was an honor to contribute to them through the proceeds of an album that I created. Their mission aligned with me equally so it made sense to offer some of my royalties to them. They make impact not just on the children but I believe in their homes to help families develop more trust in others for support where it is genuinely offered.

These two organizations make social impact continually and I definitely feel they deserve more spotlight.

What makes you feel passionate about this cause more than any other?

What really makes me passionate about this cause is to know that a child is getting as much support as possible. This makes it easier to identify and address problems that a child and/or the family has for the resolutions possible. I remember when I was a kid with few friends. Though I got along with almost everyone, I found difficulty in my quest for self-identification because I used to seek validation. I know that often, it is easy to suppress your own thoughts and opinions because you aren’t certain of the way others will feel. Kids definitely seek validation and providing support before they are really in need will help continue healing the world. Had these organizations been around when I grew up, I believe I may have found my calling sooner. I am obliged now to know that children are front and center for the attention and support they deserve. This is what makes me as passionate about contributing to these organizations… the children… the future of our world.

Without naming names, could you share a story about an individual who benefitted from your initiatives?

Certainly! When I began purposing my music for others, I remember donating an entire song to a child of a parent. This child loved music and couldn’t dance well. Nonetheless, I offered to make music for someone who had a small project. When asked for the background information, I was presented the information about the request for this child. Simply music to dance to, along with their name highlighted, was a please to create to know that the song was presented at a birthday party. At this party, the child’s friends all got to witness the amazing song just for the child. Afterwards the family reached out and thanked me, saying that their child felt better. A similar story took place with a great friend of mine whose child dealt with self-esteem issues due to bullying. I made a whole album to highlight the child and even had the child on the album cover. With similar effects, this child is now a young entrepreneur and I am so proud!

We all want to help and to live a life of purpose. What are three actions anyone could take to help address the root cause of the problem you’re trying to solve?

These actions are simple but there are many stigmas that stop others from taking them.

1: Be giving

As we give, we are also ready and able to receive. This may not take place immediately, but with a giving heart, you will learn how others are willing to give to you equally. When I hear the saying “It takes a lot”, I think about giving before being ready to reap the true rewards that we are after.

2: Remain humble

No matter how much success we achieve and create for ourselves and others, the important thing to remember is staying humble. There is a world of billions of people in need of help and it is our job not to think too much of ourselves because of our status or network. As I continue to grow, while thankful for connecting with a few public figures, I make sure to remember that we are all just people. We are composed of the similar genetic structure in the human race, so we should always be considerate and remain humble.

3: Have Faith

This also means some patience. Not everyone is religious but we are all familiar with trial-and-error, and cause-and-effect. With this familiarity, there is understanding that things take time. It is important just the same to be confident in your thought out decisions for a general end-result. Faith, alongside work put in gets you a result more than no effort at all. Stay the course and watch for smaller victories as you wait.

Based on your experience, what are the “5 Things You Need To Create A Successful & Effective Nonprofit That Leaves A Lasting Legacy?”


“If you build it, they will come…” Many of us remember this line from the movie “Field of Dreams”. It simply means if you put forth the effort and believe yourself in the success that follows, success will arrive at your doorstep. Of course I am paraphrasing. It took a decades for me to develop the patience that I have now. In that time, I learned how to exercise a great deal of patience for projects and teams to conform to the idea for a greater cause. When I collaborate with other musicians, I don’t rush them but instead wait to see if we are all on the same page. Great songs have been made because there wasn’t a rush… only passion and enthusiasm. I discovered like-minded individuals and together we made amazing songs for others that reached their hearts. The same applies to creating a non-profit and a long-lasting legacy. It takes time to research individuals and their missions or core beliefs. Practice patience to realize how the organization will be most impacting and effective in the community.


As I stated earlier, humility is how the true victor is often seen by the public eye. If an organization makes it the focus to be the talk of the town instead of who they are serving, then why would communities want to know more about them? I like the story of Superman. Many of us know that he didn’t give himself that name. It was the community that he served who called him Superman. In fact, from every story that we recall of him saving members of the community, he made the focus on the person in need of help. It is important to know your strengths but also know the weakness that you can create if you focus on yourself. It is also a way to get in your own head, should you make a mistake. This is why I know Songs of Love and IDRA are making their work long-lasting.


“It takes two baby!…” just like the song. Only two to tango but three or more for a party. Teamwork makes the dream work. These all are true based on my experiences. The best one that I have is when I ran track in High School. My team was great and we made it to the Penn Relays. For the 4 by 100 meter heat, it required the team members to successfully hand off the baton to one another at the end of our laps for the beginning of the next runner. What was truly required is teamwork to understand how the hand-off runner passes the baton to you. Equally, it requires the passing runner to understand the person taking the baton. We have to function together like the body does when we walk. For an organization to thrive and successfully impact the community for a long-lasting legacy, it requires all of the team members to function like a body or a functional family. When this takes place, success in their community reach can happen with ease. It takes all of the lead roles to understand each other. This is teamwork.


Just as I make sure to stay the course for my goals, it requires an organization to make sure they continue to have the same delivery and the numbers will multiply in time. I was determined to reach all of the crowd with my music when only a few first listened. I stepped back and re-approached my challenge. The end goal was the same but I intensified the determination to get more of the audience to discover my music and myself. It takes determination of an organization to get more to discover children with the need for help that society can provide. I certainly see this same determination with Songs of Love Foundation, as they have all of us musicians giving back in more than one way for children.

Community Building

A community can only grow and thrive when its members build each other up. One great thing about this organization that I am apart of now is that when each song is completed for a child, they leaders reach out to us directly and offer gratitude for the completion and the quality of excellence that we provide. It is a greatly appreciated part of the process to receive applause and maybe even constructive criticism. This is often how companies can continually grow while correcting a flaw that may not be acceptable. Building up their team members is what they do and that in turn energizes us as musicians to really build up the children who we make these songs about. Building others up is the seed that blossoms into everyone’s success. This creates true community and that “belonging” emotion.

How has the pandemic changed your definition of success?

The pandemic hasn’t changed my definition of success but it has helped me with how I identify success. We as humans work so hard to achieve our goals and we often overlook the small victories and milestones that help us to see the greatness that exists in us and our work too. When the pandemic happened, I discovered that many of us across the world were greatly impacted psychologically. We only saw the biggest roadblock in front of our dreams and goals. The pandemic actually helped me realize more about myself as I reflected on my entire life prior. What I saw so clearly and almost immediately is that all of us can possess resilience. We have made it so far beyond what we thought we could do or who we could be. I think it is remarkable.

Although I say that, I do look at success as the bar we set (for ourselves personally) and when we get close to the finish line. Success isn’t always the end-result and it can be the marks mid-way. For a person wanting to learn a new language and felt it was so difficult, they still work hard at learning the basics of introduction. They are now successful at introducing themselves to others in a new language or languages. Even for someone learning to swim in a competition, when they at first couldn’t even swim. They can now swim faster and stronger and also perhaps even save another life if needed. The success is extensive.

Back to my reflection, I was able to see just how well I learned to network and help others beyond what I thought were my limitations. I learned to create impactful relationships beyond simple fandom. Success, in fact, was always first achieved subconsciously, and then entirely in the metaphysical sense. I realized that I had created relationships that I always wanted.

How do you get inspired after an inevitable setback?

I honestly welcome setbacks. I am not trying to be nor sound obnoxious or conceited but I do identify as a problem-solver. As a problem-solver, I often face problems head on when I am confronted with them. I find that setbacks help us discover how incredible we all are. I look at it in the similarity of losing one of our human senses but strengthening the others. Setbacks help us realize how far we have come in our quests for success.

My inspiration (now that I have said all of that) is with my determination to find a solution. While making music that may attract one group of society, others may not like or align with that particular music. It is my duty to find what type of music I can create that will gain their attention. I make music for the people. So as a public serviceman, I have a great desire to discover what will grab more attention as I remain true to myself and character. Just as when I was a kid who wanted to get along with everyone, I work hard as an adult on the same quest. I do understand that I will not get everyone on the same page but those who I seek will find me and vise-versa. This is my inspiration to press on.

We are very blessed that very prominent leaders read this column. Is there a person in the world who you would like to talk to, to share the idea behind your non-profit? He, she, or they might just see this, especially if we tag them. 🙂

I would love to have a discussion with Jim (James) Carey. I know that he is an incredibly humble man even after all of his success in the Entertainment Industry. It would be a magical conversation between him and myself and the founders of the organization to help impact more lives. I appreciate all of Jim Carey’s career (from the beginning to today) and would love to get to know him more. He may or may not have a theme song also. (Wink)

You’re doing important work. How can our readers follow your progress online?

Readers can follow my progress by looking up my name, Orville “OH YEAH” Wright on Google, Songs of Love Foundation, MY WEBSITE, and across Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter under Oh Yeah Beats.

Thank you for a meaningful conversation. We wish you continued success with your mission.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Karen! I look forward to seeing and meeting you soon! Truly, I am excited to connect with you all!