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Employers, listen up: Offering employees the right amount of leisure time is crucial, in more ways than one — especially when it comes to hiring. In fact, recent research from staffing firm Accountemps found that excluding salary, “vacation time/paid time off” is the most important factor when it comes to a job offer.

Cleveland, San Francisco, and Miami were among the cities where workers echoed this specific finding, also choosing leisure time as the most significant one.

An independent research firm surveyed more than 2,700 workers in 27 “major” cities in the U.S. for the Accountemps study. Here are some of the findings that stood out.

Here’s what people value the most in job offers — besides cash, of course

The research featured people’s other top factors (other than salary) when considering job offers. After “vacation time/paid time off” (26%), “corporate culture/work environment” at 24%, “career advancement potential” at 21%, “work-from-home options” at 11%, and “professional development/training” at 9% rounded out the Top 5.

While “vacation time/paid time off” was the top choice overall, people in the youngest age group, 18-34, cited “career advancement potential” as the most popular choice was at 30%, compared to 22% of those ages 35-54 and 10% of those 55 and up.

Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, commented on the research in a statement:

“In today’s employment market, companies need to put their best foot forward when making job offers and, beyond salary, highlight benefits that could entice candidates. Professionals want to be hired by organizations that support work-life balance and have values that align with their own. An attractive corporate culture can go a long way toward recruiting and retaining top talent. Job seekers should make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves before evaluating employment opportunities. Remember, companies may not be able to offer you everything. It’s best to decide ahead of time what’s most important to you.”

Here’s what people in different cities prioritize most

The research also showed what people in 27 U.S. cities said was their main concern was when they get a job offer, excluding salary.

A majority of cities fell in line with the overall results, but a handful valued other things.

Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver (tie wth “vacation time/paid time off,” Salt Lake City, Austin, Des Moines, Boston, Raleigh, and Washington, D.C. said “corporate culture/work environment” was more, or as, important as “vacation time/paid time off.”

Just four cities — Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia (tie with “vacation time/paid time off”), and New York — said “career advancement potential” was more, or as, valued as “vacation time/paid time off.”

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