Our thinking is as diverse as we are individually wired in our own uniqueness!

How to utilize our thoughts to thrive! Have you ever realized how much control we have over our mind? If you are like me, you learn by doing, by experiencing what is being taught. For 10 seconds say aloud 5 positive thoughts, emotions, words. How do you feel? Today I awoke listening to the news and I heard a horrific story, and my eyes teared up. I had to tell myself to walk away, turn off the tv, and regulate my sad emotion. My day could have remained in a negative place. Instead, I moved past the emotion and chose to think on good things. I could not change the outcome of what the news was showing me, and feeding on the story affected my psyche. Therefore I chose happiness, peace, gratitude and began the day with hope.

Daily our brain grows with positive thoughts like a tree!

There are 15 mindsets that develop cognitive resilience, which according to Dr. Leaf, are essential to success. Researchers are able to watch the brain rewire and grow when we make healthy choices in our thinking.

Throughout our lives we have been taught what eating healthy is, how important it is to our bodies, and how what we eat can alter our mood. We are beginning to understand the importance of mental self care as science is now able to measure outcomes in similar ways they historically measured physical results. We can choose which thoughts to keep, and introduce healthy thoughts into our mental diet.

Today as we each walk our path, remember to take care of the most powerful tool; the mind. We can use it to build trees that literally thrive & flourish in our brains. Choose a healthy mental diet and spread the resulting peace to those in our homes, places of work, schools, & community.


  • Alexia

    Executive Coach & Founder

    The Resilient Pathway

    I foster integration of our work and all life areas, without sacrificing anything. Healthy change happens when we align our life decisions with our values. We are brave to find peace & hope in the midst of disappointments. Success is a growth mindset choosing to be happy and focus on what is going well, equally to taking actionable steps to solve the problem. https://linktr.ee/agilempath