Before June 2019, if you’d asked ‘Where do you see yourselves in 12 months’ time?”, it certainly wouldn’t have been as co-founders of a blossoming CBD and supplement company. But after a sometimes frustrating first year of trading — here we are, in July 2020 — on the verge of something amazing!

This week we’re launching our very own brand of CBD Oil and CBD Jellies! YAY! It’s a highlight in what has been a very strange year — and we don’t just mean at the hands of COVID-19!

Follow Your Passion!

We’ve believed in taking natural vitamins and supplements for a number of years now, but like many others, we weren’t easily convinced by the CBD hype.

Our company has evolved because we’re a mother and daughter team who tried CBD for ourselves and got hooked. NOT because it’s addictive — it isn’t. We got hooked because we tried CBD gummies and CBD oil in an attempt to find relief for various conditions in our families. We tried it — and it worked!

So having previously listened to some of the many untruths that abound about CBD, we wanted to help spread the word to everyone we know — and to those we don’t know yet!

Starting a CBD Business ??‍? ?

There were so many questions that needed answering. (And it turns out we weren’t on our own with those concerns — many of our own customers have asked the same things before taking the plunge!)

“Is CBD addictive?”,

“Does it get you high?”,

“Isn’t it illegal?”

And if you’ve ever had a conversation about CBD with your own friends and family, we bet it included comments along the lines of

“Oh good grief. You haven’t fallen for that have you?”,

“What a rip off!”,

“It’s an online scam.”

As you’ll know, CBD is EVERYWHERE now! Even in the high-street health shops, in cake shops, in coffee shops. So you can’t ignore it. But it’s still a struggle to champion its benefits, party due to the fact that yes, there are scammers around and some low-quality products are being peddled online. Customers do need to research or listen to referrals. The other main hurdle is that people are so ready to accept a prescription drug with a long list of side-effects; but have a million reasons not to try something natural.

So there was quite a lot of eye-rolling by friends and family members who hadn’t witnessed the benefits for themselves, and we didn’t want to be known for ‘banging on’ about CBD. So we plodded for a few months, trying various suppliers’ products, sifting the good from the bad.

We were steadily gaining customers — and steady was fine by us, as we both had other commitments. As long as we were supplying reputable CBD products and disseminating reliable information, we knew that we could keep building the business at a pace to suit us. We had a great customer base, with many returning to our website each month to repeat their purchase and happily, our customer service reviews are five star.


Then along came COVID-19. Although like everyone else, our lives have been turned upside down, being an online company, lockdown has given us the opportunity to change our perspective from plodding to being hell-bent on achieving progress. And that’s what we’ve done. It hasn’t been plain sailing though, to say the least.

Between the two of us, we already had knowledge of advertising on social media and selling on Ebay and hoped this would be a transferable skill. Oh my! CBD might be legal here in the UK and in many other countries, but try telling Facebook, Google, Amazon and Ebay! Coupled with the restrictions around what’s acceptable by law in the UK, we learned — sometimes the hard way, to step carefully around everyone’s rules and regulations. So frustrating at times! It’s been a steep learning curve, to say the least.

“Keep going”, we’d say to ourselves, “it’s all part of our story”.

Hard work and determination are now paying off, as our own branded products are launching this week. We’ve had a ball designing and re-designing labels and promotional material, planning the launch and admiring the rows of little bottles of product with OUR name on them.

We’re so proud of ourselves!

At the time of writing, we’re in week 17 of the Coronavirus lockdown — and no-one, us included, seems to know what day it is anymore! We really don’t mind, because we’re having a ball, and as Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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