So much time passes, so many events take place during our lives. But it’s the collection of events and those that influence them no matter how small or large that give us our experience. That moment, those people we share it with. That pocket of time belongs to us. It can’t be taken and it can’t’ be erased. Good or bad it’s there to stay. 

Nostalgia is often referred to and used when remembering the things we loved as a child. We go through our life from toddler to teen experiencing both beautiful and different phases, then in to adulthood followed by old age. All the while the small things matter, the soap operas we watch, the pop stars we listen to and the sporting teams we fall in love with. 

Life moments are so important, our family, the person we chose to marry and the children we have. These are untouchable but between those monuments many smaller things run and it’s those little things that make us who we are. 

This collection belongs to us, these moments and the people who create them are all ours. During the course of a lifetime every generation has these unique sections. Your parents and grandparents will recount old singers and film stars from yesteryear which was there generation, there moments. 

However long this journey takes each and every one of us on, however many trials and tribulations we face these magic moments will stay within our DNA forever. It’s the little things that build who we are and what we become. 

Sometimes in life we don’t pay enough attention to the small things, we get caught up in worry, in anger and many more moments. Sometimes we need to take a step back and just take in what’s happening around us, cherish these times we are living and love every single minute. 

The lesson – life’s short, don’t let it pass you by and love every single second of it because it’s part of you. This is your generation, this is your time, this is you!