I call that time right after a bad breakup, the crazy firestorms. We can’t imagine the heat subsiding. We can’t imagine the anger, sadness, shame — and whatever other feelings we are experiencing –retreating from the front lines of our heart. We. Are. On. Fire.

And, then the fire trucks start pulling up: friends steer us back toward life, jobs and work colleagues give us something to focus on that is not our pain. Life taps us on the shoulder until we see the beauty, love and joy that we couldn’t previously see through the smoke and singed eyelashes.

Then the healing begins. We enter the burn unit and start dressing and addressing the wounds left behind by the particular heartache that only comes from losing a love. We look at what brought us to this place, what we need to heal before we are ready to jump toward love again.

If we do the work after a deep heart break, I say we come out the other side as superheroes. I say that this is the mother of all heart healing. I say this heart healing business happens in the land of superheroes. It’s heroic work and the power awaiting us on the other side is extraordinary. We heal in such a way that our hearts are more open, powerful, and welcoming of the flow of love than before.

The photo I feature with this post is one I took of a mighty rock that I love, the sun revealing a heart on its western facing side at this moment in time. It reminded me of how strong and resilient our hearts are — no matter how intense the flames enveloping them.

When we are in the crazy fires post break-up, we think our hearts are turning to ash. But they can withstand the heat. They can take it. They are mighty. We are mighty. It’s easy to forget when we are enveloped by pain, but we are mighty.

Take a moment to thank your heart for being the mighty and powerful rock it is for you each and every day.

And, you…you rock. Remember that.